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Are You Ready To Go Vegan?

The popularity of vegan and plant-based diets have grown rapidly in the last decade. With more coming to light on the treatment of animals and the effect that factory farming and other problems rearing meat can cause, many are taking their health and the environment into their hands by choosing a new way of eating. If you’re on the fence, here are some things to be ready for before taking the plunge.


You’re Ready To Cook More

There are plenty of junk foods which are ‘accidentally vegan’ meaning it’s perfectly possible to live unhealthily as a vegan. If you want to do things properly, live well and thrive rather than just survive, you need to get yourself in the kitchen. Teach yourself a few great, tasty and easy vegan meals which you can fall back on when you’re short on time or energy after a long day. When you get chance, have fun with it. Try out different ingredients, use different herbs, spices and oils. Knowing how to cook well and use all of the right ingredients to nourish your body will mean your body gets everything it needs.



You’re Ready To Take Supplements

Even when you eat well, it can be worth keeping an eye on your vitamin levels when you first go vegan. When you’re cutting out a lot of foods, you need to make sure you’re maintaining the right levels by eating other things. Vitamin b12 is something vegans aren’t able to get in their diet since it comes from animal tissues and products. So a b12 supplement is essential to maintain health. Calcium can also be a tricky one, you could check out AlgaeCal side effects to see if this is something that’s right for you. Over time you will adapt and learn how to give your body everything it needs without eating animals or animal products. But especially in the beginning, a tracker like MyFitnessPal can be handy.


You’re Ready To Stand Your Ground Against The Views of Others

Choosing to not eat animals or their products is really quite simple. You eat whatever you’re eating, and others eat what they’re eating. However, people can often complicate it. Some will be convinced you’re doing a fad diet, or that it’s dangerous. Others will simply refuse to be open minded to the idea. As long as you remember your own reasons and stand your ground, you will be fine. You don’t need to defend yourself to anyone, providing you have thoroughly researched and understand veganism you will be able to answer any queries or even politely decline to speak about it. Your views are important if this is a decision you have made don’t get anyone make you feel bad.



You’re Ready To Live a Healthier, More Environmentally Friendly Life

Veganism done properly is a healthy way to live. If your diet is made up of mainly fresh produce, grains and legumes you’re likely to be giving your body everything it needs. You avoid saturated animal fats, and plenty of protein through grains like quinoa, beans, and certain vegetables. As a vegan, you reduce your chances of things like heart disease, certain cancers and are more likely to maintain a healthy weight. Since feeding livestock is bad for the environment you won’t be contributing to deforestation and habitat loss (where countries have made the space to grow animal feed) and the moral issue of using animals for milk, meat and everything else. You will feel healthier and have a clear conscience too. What’s not to love?


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