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Precaution Methods for Your Child This Winter

During winter season, there are huge risks of getting infected due to cold. Children are most vulnerable to cold in this season. The symptoms of winter cold may lead to high fever, sore throat, runny nose, congestion in nose and cough. Let’s look at some of the precautions to be taken this winter to prevent your child from getting infected:

Seasonal Patterns:

The winter season is the most probable season to get infected by cold. The chilled weather and the climatic conditions are responsible for this infection. Winters being a holiday season, children love playing outdoors and are likely to get infected. Proper precautions should be taken while allowing children to play in this climate. Some of the precaution measures are given below:

  • Avoid sending your child outdoors
  • Make him wear warm clothes while going outdoors
  • Avoid going to crowded places. There is a great risk of getting infected through others in crowds.
  • Avoid eating chilled foods, cold drinks and ice-creams

Infection due to transmission:

There is a huge risk of spreading virus by touching each other. If you or any other family member is infected due to cold, avoid touching your child thus preventing him from getting infected. You can often wash your hands before touching your child so the virus does not spread. There is also a risk of getting infected by touching common objects like door handles, toys, counter tops etc.

Virus through Inhalation:

Sneezing and coughing without proper precautions transmit the virus to air. Breathing this polluted air then leads the risk of getting infected. It’s always safe to use disposable tissues or napkins while sneezing and coughing. Make your child use medical masks to prevent from getting infected.

Avoid Smoking:

Avoid smoking in front of your children. The smoke decreases the immunity level of the child and increases the risk of getting infected.

Prevention Measures to avoid cold:

Hygienic methods can prevent one from getting infected. Some of the precautions are given below:

  • Washing hands after frequent time intervals
  • Cover one’s nose and mouth while sneezing
  • Stay away from people who smoke and have cold
  • Avoid sugary drinks and soda
  • Make your child to exercise regularly

Having a nutritional based hygienic diet helps children to build their immune system. It helps your body to get ample vitamins, proteins, minerals which help fighting viruses.

Things to undertake after getting Cold:

  • Make your child drink hot drinks like milk or tea. It will help to soothe his throat and clear his wind pipe.
  • Make him sleep or take rest. Put him to bed by telling different stories. Rest is very important to overcome the disease.
  • Humidifier helps to moisten the air and loosen your child’s mucus. Run a humidifier in your child’s room.
  • Avoid giving medicine to children below four years of age.

Always try to consult a doctor if there is prolonged cold or high fever.


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  1. I am so thankful for this helpful guide. I have a daughter with asthma and it can be difficult to find the right way to help her breathe when she gets sick. This is an easy read, clear instructions that I will use in the future if my child needs them!

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