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Got plantar fasciitis? Mephisto Shoes are Your Answer! {Review}

jissyI have had plantar faciitis since elementary school.  Over the years the pain had come and gone. I have done a ton of different things to try to help. I have had 4 sets of custom orthotics in my shoes and have even gone as far as steroid injections (oh yes ouch!). So I was resigned to the the fact I was going to forever have to wear a pair of tie shoes the rest of my life. I think I own 2 pair of shoes, one tennis the other tie black dress shoes. How as is that? In the summer I see all these people with cute sandals and flip-flops and I get a bit jealous.  A friend of mine told me about Mephisto so I thought I would check into them to see what they were about. I was thrilled what I found out and privileged to get the opportunity to review a pair for them.

About Mephisto

In 1965, Martin Michaeli founded Mephisto with a singular goal… “To make the world’s finest footwear.”  Mephistos are an investment in the health and comfort of your feet, back and legs. The materials, construction techniques and quality components used to make every pair are never compromised. While maintaining our high standards of handcrafted excellence, Mephisto is also a leader in innovative technology. Our designers and engineers are never satisfied and continue to search for ways to improve the comfort features of our footwear and make the “finest” even “finer”.

My Review

I AM TOTALLY IN LOVE with these shoes! Did I scream that loud enough? I am so excited to wear of pair of stylish sandals and feel like I fit in!  I was thrilled to review the Mobils Jissy line in the bronze color. They cushion my foot just right so that my fasciitis isn’t pulling so much. I can actually wear these to the store and my feet still don’t hurt. I have had them a little over a month now and they still look like they came right out of the box. Such high quality shoes.  These shoes are really a great investment to make. I loved them so much, I found another pair online in black.

Winter is coming up and I will be sad to see my sandals shelved. I have high hopes to save up for a new pair of slip on shoes I can wear this winter. I have my eye on a few like Kinga, Frinia, or Romane. I can’t wait to have a closet full of Mephisto shoes.

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