Planning Ahead – Why Funeral Plans Are Necessary

child-funeral-alamyEvery person entering the age of retirement should prepare funeral plans as a precautionary measure. It is not an enjoyable process for anyone, but neglecting to make plans leaves an emotional burden on the surviving family.

Making The Decisions

According to the National Funeral Directors Association, a licensed funeral director is able to walk the planner through each detail while drawing up a contract. No one wants to leave their surviving spouse, children, or siblings guessing on little details at a sad time.

Financing An Expensive Event

One major advantage of picking out the casket, flower arrangements, burial space, and memorial headstone ahead of time is being able to prepay for every aspect of the tribute. No one wants to feel like they are neglecting to honor their deceased loved one by letting expense play a role in decision-making. Pay a little at a time to a reputable funeral home to ensure a smooth transaction at the time of need. Do not cost your family thousands of dollars with the option to have it all taken care of.

Allow The Family Time To Grieve

Relatives and friends come together during the inevitable tragedy of losing someone they all love. Let everyone remember the good times, shed tears, and support one another without rushing around to put together an entire funeral. The only requirements depend on the specific funeral home, but it may entail signing a few documents, making phone calls, and finalizing the service.

Cremation or Burial

It can be nearly impossible to remember the final wishes of a person at the time of their death. Having a written document clearly stating whether someone wants a cremation or burial avoids the major mistake of choosing incorrectly. Wasting the money on an elaborate funeral can be avoided if the planner only wants a brief graveside service. Sutter Cremation offers great services if your loved one wants cremation, and they can help you plan the best funeral to fit your needs. Consider funeral plans as an extension of creating a will as far as honoring the last wishes of a person.

Let’s face it, getting together with family to establish a funeral plan after the death of a loved one has the potential for disagreements to arise. Planning ahead for your funeral is the only way to ensure that you get what you want, protect the finances of the remaining family, and give family the time to grieve without additional stress. Although planning your own funeral can seem depressing or strange, it is actually a step that a lot of people are deciding to take once evaluating the advantages.


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3 thoughts on “Planning Ahead – Why Funeral Plans Are Necessary

  1. I like that you pointed out that you can be sure that your family will choose the right funeral process for you if you will have a written document that will state your last wishes. My husband and I both want to be cremated when we die. We want to make sure that this last wish of ours is going to be considered and respected by our family, so we’ll find a funeral home that we can talk to as early as now.

  2. It sure was nice that you suggested planning your funeral ahead to make sure that your family won’t need to spend thousands of dollars for your funeral. My plan is to make sure that I will be cremated when I pass away. My children have a limited income, so I don’t want them to end up shouldering the expenses of my funeral. I will find a funeral home that offers cremation services as early as now.

  3. Thanks for pointing out that you will have the option to take care of everything about your funeral in advance to make sure that they won’t have to spend thousands of dollars. My husband and I don’t want our children to struggle financially just to fulfill our funeral wishes. They don’t have a stable income, and they have their own needs. We’ll find a funeral home that can offer us the best packages as early as now.

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