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Special thanks to Robin from Pillows of Lavender for this giveaway

Imagine laying on a bed of lavender and the feeling of calm rushing over you. Lavender is known for relieving stress, relaxation, and to have healing effects.  It’s been known to help anxiety, insomnia, and even headaches. Lavender oil also can be used to sooth wounds and sunburns. Who wouldn’t want help with stress and relaxation.

Pillows of Lavender Aroma & Heat Therapy Pillows and Wraps are used for comfort, relaxation, rejuvenation, headaches, muscle aches, neck and back pain, sports injuries, arthritis, insomnia, depression, stress, cramps and much more!

Robin is your typical mom of 4 who never thought pillows would be her business. What started as a hobby has turned into a full fledged business.  Her pillows are 100% handmade by her with love.

“I have to rave about Robin’s pillows from I have ordered several of these pillows for myself, and for friends and family as well. Each item is beautifully packaged, which is such a nice touch and a time saver too if you’re wanting to give them as a gift.

From the moment you open your package, you know from the fragrance that Robin uses high quality ingredients. There is nothing quite like the smell of good lavender. Her lavender-peppermint pillows are amazing. They are truly soothing, an d the added peppermint will clear your head! The desk sets are perfect gifts, she has made little pillows for my kids as well, and they adore them. Lavender is a great calming aroma, so having my kids tote them around is just an added bonus for me!

I give Pillows of Lavender my highest recommendation. Robin is a thoughtful and sharp business woman, she provides beautiful and useful products, and she knows how to treat her customers.
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“Robin’s herbal comfort pillow is the first thing I reach for when I want to relax, have a headache, cramps or sore muscles or even just to warm up. The quality of the fabrics she uses are terrific and her herbal filling recipe is the perfect combination to sooth and relax instantly without that overpowering medicinal smell that I’ve noticed from other herbal pillows I’ve tried in the past.” Marianna B. – Michigan


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45 thoughts on “Pillows of Lavender Giveaway

  1. What a wonderful opportunity to get one of Robin’s lavendar wraps! I was lucky enough to get one last year and have to say that it was the best gift I ever got. As a freelance writer, I get A LOT of neck aches after sitting at my desk for hours on end. When that happens, all I have to do is warm up my Pillows of Lavendar wrap in the microwave for a couple of minutes, and pretty soon I am in heaven!

    Thanks Robin for making these high quality wraps so that everyone can enjoy a little pampering whenever they need it. 🙂

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