Parenting and Music

Most parents want their children to grow up being gifted and talented.

They also want them to be happy and content. Whilst there have been many warnings saying that these two objectives do not always go hand in hand I thought that it might help if I told a little story about our two daughters and how what you get is not always what you had anticipated. And yes it can work out well but again in different ways.

My wife has always been keen on classical music and having played in an orchestra herself it seemed natural that we would share her love of music with our two daughters. From the age of four they were both encouraged to learn music and eventually they chose their instruments and we taxied them around to visit their teachers, attend orchestras and meet other children at summer music schools. They enjoyed it, we felt that there was very little pressure and our hopes for their careers in music were good.

But what we didn’t know was that at the same time as all this was going on there was another unexpected influence which was subtly at work.

Let’s fast forward fifteen years and see how it turned out. Both girls are now in their mid twenties, they have jobs in the medical field and haven’t touched their violin or cello in years. But when you sit down with them and talk about the good memories of their childhood, growing up with a typically dysfunctional family they will tell you how their years at school are associated with music, but not classical music. What they remember are the times spent driving to and from school and the music which I would play on the car stereo. They associate the stages in their schooling with months of listening to Elton John or the Bee Gees. They can still sing along to Chris de Burgh and the Beautiful South. So even if at times I despair of the modern music listen which they now enjoy I can still smile and know that a small part of them carries warm memories and, to me lovely music.


Bio: Article written by Colin who lives and works in Northumberland




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