Netflix Review

Do you own a DVD player? Do you have an extra $9.99 per month to spare to get healthy? If so, did you know Netflix has exercise videos you can rent? I have been a Netflix member for YEARS and I have never thought once about getting an exercise video.

If you are not familiar with Netflix its a simple delivered to your home movie rental store. I LOVE it. We are on a more expensive plan and we are able to check out 3 movies at a time. The basic package is only $9.99 for one movie at a time. Good thing is there are no late fees and you can keep that movie for as long as you want. So why not rent a yoga video, do it for 30 days and send it back? Can’t ask for more variety than that.

Here are a few that you can rent:

    Biggest Loser 30 Day Jump Start
    Gaiam Yoga Core Cross Training
    Kathy Smith Lift Weights to lose Weight

With a Netflix subscription you can also stream online through your computer, PS3 and even the Wii. Here are a few that you could watch instantly:

    Crunch Boot Camp
    10 Minute Soultion Rapid Results Pilates
    Hot Yoga

You will not be disappointed in their service. They have excellent customer service and you can normally get a DVD within 2 days of requesting it. For example, if I sent them a DVD back today, Thurs, I will have a new one in my mailbox Sat. 

 Don’t miss out a a FREE trial of Netflix. You will not be disappointed. So why not just try and see if you like it?

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