Leslie Sansone Walk It Off & Tone It Up Giveaway {Rafflecopter}

Leslie Sansone has been teaching people to get fit and stay fit for 25 years. Leslie’s energy is contagious. Her enthusiasm for walking, and life, is unmatched. She’s a walk guru on a mission: to promote healthy lifestyles, to ward off illness associated with obesity and sedentary lifestyles, and to improve public health one stride at a time.

I was blessed to receive a copy of Leslie Sansone’s Walk it Off and Tone it Up DVD from Collage Video to review. Anyone that knows me knows I am on this weight loss journey from hell. 2 years ago I had a knee injury which now makes it hard to some exercises. This 5 mile DVD was just what the doctor ordered. While it is 5 miles total, if I can only do 1 or 2 miles I still feel like I have gotten a great workout. With this DVD it also includes a set of resistant band to make it a fantastic workout.

This Leslie video is good for levels of exercise. It was great for someone like myself with injury because I could ajust what I needed to and still keep the pace.

Collage Video is also giving one of my lucky readers their own copy of Leslie Sansone Walk It Off and Tone It Up. How cool is that??  Check out their site and see the wide variety of videos they offer.

Here is how to win! Rafflecopter is new to me so if you have any issues please notify me ASAP.

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