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MotivationMotivation is something I for sure lack right now. I have a lot going on in life, some not good, but I just feel drained and have no motivation to do anything. But really what is that going to get me? Nothing really. I need to have motivation to reach my goals, if I never have it then my goals will die. What do I need to do to get motivation?

Motivation is all mental. You have to stay positive and stay away from the negative thinking, which is very hard for me. If you tell yourself you can’t then chances are you won’t reach that goal. You need to train your brain to not instantly go to the negative. This is such an area I need improvement on. Make a schedule and keep to it. This way you won’t skip your exercise or get off track.

If you follow a certain weight loss plan try not to jump ship too quickly. This was one of my issues but I think I have gotten better at trying to stick with something. Whatever plan you choose, counting points, calories, carbs, whatever .. just be CONSISTANT. Do the plan and do it 100%. If you do it only 70% you won’t see the results you want and soon you will jump to something else.

I also lack in motivation to exercise. I have to, unfortunately, exercise at night. So I find myself sitting after dinner and then get tired and don’t go to exercise. Goal setting here would be great. I LOVE to lift weights and I used to be able to bicep curl 25lbs. Now, probably only 10. So I could set a goal to reach that 25lb weight. Or if you aren’t a runner but want to try.. try setting a goal to run even for 30 seconds. Then see if you can make that a minute. Getting started exercising is the hard part. Once you get going, it’s amazing how good it feels and the more you want to do it.

Remember whatever goals you set, weight loss, exercises, or otherwise, make them realistic so you aren’t setting yourself up for failure. If you set the bar too high and miss, you will got back to the negative thinking and give yourself a huge set back. Also, find the support that you need. I have the Mamavation Sistahood on twitter which is fantastic and of course I have so great friends on and off line that support me. Find your motivation where you can and get er’ done!

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  1. Hey Karla! What a great post! I could not agree more that you have to stay away from negative thinking. I am reading Think and Grow Rich and I am learning to completely shift my thinking. I also agree with you that you need to set goals. I think making long term goals is the best so if you make a mistake on a day or two your world does not spin out of control. Thanks for this wonderful post!
    .-= Angela´s last blog ..How to See Challenges As Opportunities =-.

  2. hello it is a great post. 😀 like it. and by the way, can i have the picture? i wanna add it some words 😀 im asking for copyrights. can i?

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