BPA Free Water Bottle for Toddlers

Kid Basix {Review + Giveaway}

BPA Free Water Bottle for ToddlersKid Basix has one very simple mission statement. Make kids’ lives better. That is it. Isn’t that what any parent wants for their child? I know I do.

Here is what they had to say about their mission.

This was the simple idea that drove the development of our first product, and it is the idea that will drive the products yet to come.

Simple ideas can make for ambitious goals. Our founder created The Safe Sippy™ cup because he knows how dangerous plastics are, and it drove him crazy that he was giving his two year old son water every morning in a cup made from toxic chemicals.

It is our goal that the future products from Kid Basix have the same simple singleness of purpose: Making kids’ live better.

Kid Basix products range from bottles to sports bottles. All safe for our kids to use. One less things us parents don’t have to worry about. I was thrilled to receive a product for review. Since my son is four, I choose the 12oz safe sporter.

My Thoughts

My son was so excited to know he was going to get a big boy sports bottle. I love this because he can’t spill his drink. Remember he is four and the concept of moving things before we reach has not sunk into his brain yet.

This bottle is really great. It’s stainless steel which makes cleaning really easy. It comes with a nice colorful outside TPR sleeve and a built in coaster on the bottom. The one feature I really like is that on top of the pull out spout there is also a cap to help in case the little one doesn’t get it completely closed. Again, refer to my earlier comment.

This year in the Bond household I am trying to find ways to save money and live greener. This is one step I can do for my son to help teach him why living a healthy lifestyle is so important. If you have a baby, toddler, or small child, I highly recommend checking out the Kid Basix products for your household.

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  2. I saw this on your facebook and thought Kaiden needs a better cup…and I couldnt agree more about spilling!

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