How To Keep The Family Sane While You Are Doing Construction On The Home

How To Keep The Family Sane While You Are Doing Construction On The HomeDoing construction on your home can improve the quality of life for everyone living there. The process can be long and arduous, especially for major renovations that span multiple rooms. Living with constant construction is not easy, but a couple simple changes can make the process more bearable. Here are a few ways to keep the family sane when you are doing construction on the home.

Stick To A Strict Schedule

Create a weekly schedule everyone can agree on and then stick to it. Working too early or late can cause problems because of noise or because you are unavailable during important times. You should also keep a running estimate of when the construction will be finished so that the family can look forward to an end date. Not knowing when it will end makes it much more stressful and frustrating for everyone involved.

Complete Each Area Before Moving On

Your family will not stay sane if you are working on many parts of the house at once. Each area will stay unfinished for a longer time with this strategy as well. It is better to work on the smallest areas possible and finish them completely before moving on. This is especially important with the kitchen, since it can be nearly impossible to make meals when working on it. Be sure there at least one room is available for quiet time to get things done, away from the construction.

Schedule Professional Waste Removal

Nothing is more frustrating and infuriating than having a house full of construction waste. Even storing it outside can cause a headache. You should schedule professional waste removal every few days to a week as needed. This removes clutter, gives the family more space and makes the property look much nicer.

Provide Alternatives for Off-Limits Areas

If any area or appliance is going to be off-limits or disconnected during construction, provide the family with an alternative. This includes refrigerators, toilets, ovens and tables. The family will stay sane if a somewhat normal routine can be followed each day. Occasionally, this may require staying at a hotel for a few days or with family friends.

Keep Children Engaged and Involved

Your kids are going to spend hours in the house during construction even after school and daycare. You should keep the children involved in what is happening. Ask them for opinions about things and let them help with small and safe tasks. This will prevent your kids from becoming overly confused, anxious or restless.

Get Out Of the House

Get out of the house as a complete family on a regular basis. This will allow everyone to relax and even complain about inconveniences in a different environment. Going out for an afternoon at the park or a nice dinner can keep everyone sane by allowing the family to get away from it all.


Finding balance is the key to keeping the family sane during construction. Although working long hours might get the job done faster, it will make things harder for everyone else relying on you. You need to make sure there is time every week to do regular things together as a family.


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