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First off a big THANK YOU to Collage Video for asking me to do this giveaway. This is my 2nd giveaway they have done with me.

Have you heard of Jackie Warner? I can tell you I never did before I stumbled upon her Bravo show Thintervention. This chick is one tough cookie and has a great body!  I have not tired any of her videos but would love to. 


This is what is up for grabs people! Jackie’s Xtreme Abs and let me tell you, she has some awesome ones. Two totally ab-focused workouts – one done standing, one done on the floor. You can get shapely abs — the exercises are effective; the moves are varied; the programs are easy-to-schedule (“hey, it’s only 17 minutes”). The first series engages your core with standing torso rotations and diverse leg exercises (e.g. you’ll challenge your abs by lifting one leg off the ground and holding it there). The second workout features a medley of classic abdominal floorwork. It uses a huge variety of plank variations, but no actual crunches. Includes easier modifications. Requires 2 to 5 lb. dumbbells or equivelent in weight.


I almost did not buy this because it is only a 30 minute workout. I am so glad that I decided to get it. My abs were screaming through this workout and I definitely felt it the next day! Highly recommend. – posted by Melanie on 11/10/2010


Collage Video has a HUGE selection of fitness DVD’s to choose from. They have been in business since 1987.  What makes them stand out from any other company? Every video on their site has been tested by an ACE-certified instructor and a “regular person.” Now that is a lot of videos to try. They are proud that they don’t carry every video. They ONLY carry ones that are effective. They want you to get the results you are looking for.  They care about their customers enough to NOT carry just any video.

RULES: A winner will be selected by This giveaway ends 11/30/10 at 11pm EST.

MANDATORY: You must visit Collage Video and sign up for their newsletter. Please post this comment first. The winner will be verified with Collage Video that this has been done.

Additional entries: Please add one comment per entry and include your email address.

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