Items to Replace This Summer to Brighten Your Home

2836772728_31c7a8cc71_mDoes your home feel dark, or are there dark corners in some rooms of your home? If there are, then you should know that you don’t have to live in a dark house. In fact, there are some items you can replace this summer to brighten your home and let the light into your living space.

Get New Windows

To allow the maximum amount of natural light into your home, consider buying replacement windows. According to RetroTeck Window Mfg. Ltd., a company that specializes in Surrey windows, replacement windows will update the exterior of your home as well as help insulate your home. This means you get additional benefits from new windows along with allowing more natural light into your home. Another idea is to consider adding windows to dark rooms that may not have enough existing windows. If you are considering this option, work with a designer to determine how it will affect your home’s overall curb appeal.

Replace Your Doors

Another great way to brighten your home is to replace exterior doors with French doors or sliding glass doors that will allow natural light to enter your home. This will update the look of your home as well. These doors work great between interior living space and outdoor spaces such as patios, decks or porches. They allow you to extend your functional living space outdoors.

Buy New Light Fixtures

Take a good look at your light fixtures. They may actually be hiding more light than they are allowing light to shine through them. When you shop for new light fixtures, choose designs that allow as much light to come through as possible. This will help illuminate any dark rooms you have.

Try Different Bulbs

You could be using the wrong light bulbs. Take a walk down the light bulb aisle in home improvement store, and you will be astonished at how many options you have. Choose bright bulbs that are made to light up dark spaces, and you will be amazed at the difference. Bright bulbs can make your paint colors pop or the colors in your design scheme stand out!

Consider a New Skylight

If your home has a skylight, check to see what condition it is in. You may need to replace the skylight with a new one that allows the most light possible to come through to brighten your home. If you don’t have a skylight, consider adding one in a dark room for extra light even on cloudy days.


No one should have to live in a dark home. Replacing a few key items can brighten your home this summer.

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