Iron Hawk Helicopter Review from Funky Planet

ironhawkSpring has kinda sprung here in Iowa. Typical Iowa weather is that it’s 70 one day and 40 the next. Being that spring is coming I loving finding new things that Cooper can play with outside. Now if it’s a Daddy and Cooper thing that is even better.  I was thrilled to get the chance to review the WebRC Iron Hawk helicopter from Funky Planet. I think my husband was more excited than Cooper.

About Funky Planet

Funky Planet was founded with a defiant spirit and a lofty mission: to build a better rc toy, in order to awaken people’s innate curiosity and passion for technology through play. By rethinking traditional design and development philosophies, Funky Planet is able to provide higher-quality, better-looking rc toys at a fraction of the price.

My Review

As I said, I think this was more of a thrill for hubby than Cooper. I must say, this is a toy that you want to get for an older child or make sure that hubby helps them out. This Iron Hawk can move!  It comes with 2 speeds and can be used both indoors or outside. I have to say I would recommend outside until you really can get a grip on the controls.

We first tried it inside and I had this poor thing hitting everything. I found the controls a tad touchy but I think once you get familiar with them it will get easier. We then decided to move outside where we had more space. This was perfect. While we didn’t get any better with the controls we did have a better time flying it and Cooper was able to get in on the fun.

The one downside, which I think is with many rc toys, is that the battery doesn’t last long. It can take over an hour to charge but you only get 10 min of flying time. There is a lot to this little guy. This isn’t your normal rc toy.  If your hubby is into these type of toys, this would make a great birthday or Father’s day gift.


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5 thoughts on “Iron Hawk Helicopter Review from Funky Planet

  1. I want one of these! My son would actually really love it too, nthanks for the review!

  2. Glad I seen this my hubby has been pestering me for one of these things LOL I am like really? Guess boys will be boys right!

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