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How to Make a Care Home Feel Like Home

Moving into a care home is not often something that people are very excited to do. It can be a really big change, especially away from a home you know and love, and it can also be due to unfortunate circumstances.

Because of this, you will probably want to make the care home room much more homely so your loved one can get settled in and make it feel like their own space.

This piece will offer some top tips on how you can make a care home feel like home – it is the finishing touches that make all the difference.

Style with Photographs

Photographs of great memories and loved ones can instantly brighten up the place, so getting some of their favorite pictures printed out and framed and then placed around the room is an instant technique to helping them feel more at home. Photos can also help keep your loved one’s memory sharp as they allow them to see people that matter to them regularly, even if they are not physically there.

Another great option is to invest in a digital photo frame, which can showcase hundreds of photos at random or on a loop from a memory card. Check with the home first if it is suitable.

For more information on how care homes can facilitate a personalized room, check out this Signature Care Homes that strives for excellence.

Decorate the Room

There will be limitations to decorating a care home room, especially if your loved one is particularly forgetful, prone to tripping up, or could harm themselves in any way. Throws can add extra comfort and style to a care home bedroom, ornaments that they loved in their own house would also add a nice touch, and other comfortable items such as pillows or throw cushions can make a world of difference to the feel of the room.

Candles that are not lit can also add a homely or pleasant smell, which can be important for relaxing.

Use Inviting Scents

Scent is one of the fastest ways to trigger the memory. So using familiar perfumes, food such as their favorite cookie recipe, or tools such as diffusers can help bring in smells that make them feel relaxed, think about home, and remind them of different elements that make them feel comfortable. Essential oils can also make a great addition to a care home room when used safely, placed under pillows, or scented on handkerchiefs.


Incorporate Original Pieces if Safe to Do So

Care homes and rooms will come furnished, but there will most likely be little resistance if someone wants to bring in a piece of their favorite furniture, lamp, or cushions, for example, as long as it is safe. It can also depend on why the person who needs care has gone into the care home as to what they can bring with them. You and the care home you have chosen can discuss the boundaries of this to make your loved one comfortable.

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2 thoughts on “How to Make a Care Home Feel Like Home

  1. ‘Feel at home’ is also associated with a sense of security. How safe are your care home?
    The elderly, as well as children, are defenseless, which is why they are the main target for intruders.

    We know how to make your home safer ( Here are 3 the simplest but effective practices:

    1. Call your local law enforcement.
    Many police departments offer crime-free/crime prevention programs that are designed to reduce crime and other unwanted activities.

    2. Implement more access control in your home.
    By increasing access control, this will make it more difficult for unwanted guests to be able to enter the house. Such a simple thing as a fence can help you with this.

    3. Have something that is visually obvious that displays security presence as this can greatly deter criminals from targeting the property.
    For example, a smart door lock or video surveillance cameras.

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