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Five Stunning Reasons to Visit Ireland

If there is anywhere you should add onto your bucket list, it’s Ireland. The land of gold and green is laid out among rolling hills and countryside for miles, and whether you are heading to the north or the south, you’re going to find it to be an ideal destination. Ireland should be on your bucket list for so many reasons but the Cliffs of Moher and the traditional Irish pub menus are just two of them.

The Emerald Isle is one of the best areas of the world for hiking and discovering the magic of the castles. You can understand why the folklore centers on fairies and fae in Ireland more than anywhere else because it’s just steeped in magic. Whether it’s real or not is up to you, and you’ll taste that magic in the Guinness that’s brewed and the old school colcannon recipe you could mimic when you get back home. The buzzing cities and the natural wonders put together make Ireland a place that everyone should visit at least once. Here are five of the top reasons you should add Ireland to your next trip.

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The Landscape

Wherever you go, Ireland will make your eyes want to swivel out of your head in trying to see it all. You can hike the mountains and skim rocks in the McGillycuddy’s Reeks. You can settle on the west coast and take in the view of the Atlantic ocean. In the north, you can walk the footsteps of giants on the Giant’s Causeway, and in the south you can walk along the lake of Lough Leane.

The Fun

Ireland is famous for music and festivals and the  Irish folks are known for being lively! There are festivals across Ireland that run all through the year, and St Patrick’s Day is a week long event in Dublin. There are food festivals and beer festivals, dances and jigs and you can be a part of it all in your visit.

History and Culture

The Celtic people are known for their long history and the history in Ireland goes back for thousands of years. Castles are in their thousands and the history stems from warrior clans to the Vikings. During the journey across the country, you can visit as many castles as you like!

Amazing People

Irish people are some of the most hospitable people around, and you’ll see that from the moment you go to your first lock in at the pub! You’ll always have hot, hearty food to try and you’ll be able to visit cafes for traditional breakfasts and dinners. The Irish people take you in and treat you like one of their own, and it’s a wonderful feeling.

Breathtaking Views

Everywhere you look there is beauty in Ireland. It’s so steeped in folklore and the countryside is so well preserved that you’ll find it hard to tear yourself away. Booking a trip to Ireland is a must at least once in life, so don’t be afraid to go. Contact BWK Travel today to make all your travel arrangements.

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