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How to Achieve Your Goals Every Time

Do you make goals time and again, only to leave them stuffed in a drawer, or worse, completely forgotten because you didn’t write them down? Do you get discouraged because you never reach the goals you set for yourself?

  • Make a commitment: You need to be 100% committed to your goal. Don’t just come up with a goal for the sake of goal-setting. It must be something you absolutely want to accomplish. This may take some thought. Sit down with a pen and paper and write down everything you want to accomplish in the next 90 days; then, narrow it down to the top 3.
  • Be Specific: Don’t just say things like, “I want to make more money,” or “I want to lose weight.” How much money do you want to make? How much weight do you want to lose? Be as specific as possible. This will give you a concrete goal to go for.
  • Write them down: Write down your goals; each and every one. Along with the goal you want to accomplish, come up with a daily action plan on how you’re going to achieve your goals. What specific things do you need to do every day in order to reach your destination? How will you know you’ve reached your goals? Once you’ve written them down, keep them where you will see them every day; beside your computer, in your office, in your car, on your bedside table, etc.
  • Tell everyone you know: When you tell people that you have ambitious goals that you want to achieve, it’s harder to let them fall by the wayside. Tell your friends and family about your goals and ask them to help keep you on track. Give them copies of your written commitments so that they fully understand what you are trying to achieve.
  • Find an accountability partner: Find someone who is in your industry or wants to achieve some of the same goals. Meet with them once a day via phone, email or chat and check in with each other. Talk about what’s going well, what challenges each of you are facing and how each of you are feeling.
  • Be clear about your WHY: When you know why you are on your journey, the how will be much simpler. Keep your end goal in mind – that is, why are you doing this? Are you losing weight to become healthier and live to see your grandchildren? Are you working harder because you want to pay your bills and take that dream vacation? Write down your WHY along with your goals to remind yourself exactly why you are doing this.
  • Stretch out beyond your comfort zone, but be realistic: You must stretch yourself, but at the same time you must be realistic; you can’t lose 100 pounds in 1 month, or make $100,000 in 6 months. It’s important to be realistic and know that you can actually achieve the goals you set for yourself, or you will only get discouraged and your self-esteem will suffer.

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