Healthy Foods for Picky Kids

healthypizzaFinding healthy foods your kids will actually eat can be a challenging task, especially if you have a picky eater. While some kids will put anything in their mouths, finicky eaters tend to want the foods that are low in nutritional value, such as chips, cookies, soda and sugary cereal. While those foods are fine in moderation, it’s important to introduce your children to new foods, particularly those that pack the punch of exceptional nutritious value to keep them healthy. These foods are sure to please both you and your picky eater!

Fruit ice pops

If you’re looking for the perfect, healthy summer snack or dessert, fruit ice pops just might be your answer. Because they are made with fresh fruit, fruit ice pops are packed full of nutrients that your kids need and will actually want to eat! Plus, it’s also a great alternative to the highly processed, sugar-loaded Popsicles you could pick up at the store. Chop up a variety of fruit and mix it all together in a large bowl. You can choose your child’s favorite fruits or introduce them to new options. Fill small plastic cups or molds with the fruit mixture. Top off the treat by filling it to the brim with fresh juice, such as orange or pineapple, and lodge a Popsicle stick in the middle. Freeze the containers for 3-4 hours, or until they are icy perfection. Run the cups under hot water for a few seconds and your fruit ice pop will slide right out.  Now all you have to do is kick back with your kids and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Chicken nuggets

Chicken nuggets are a childhood staple, but if you buy the prepackaged kind at the store, you’re likely filling your little one’s stomach with unhealthy additives. Instead, opt to make your own chicken nuggets. That way you can monitor exactly what goes into every bite and ensure that your kids get the only safest ingredients. Preparing the dish is easy. Just cut chicken breasts into bite-size pieces, coat them in bread crumbs and any spice you like, throw them in the oven and bake to perfection! If you’re a busy mom, consider making a big batch to freeze for all the convenience of the store-bought stuff. That way you can reheat the nuggets when you need a quick meal for the kids.

Oatmeal muffins

For a sneaky way to introduce healthy ingredients to your kids’ diet, think about adding nutritious ingredients to your baked goods. Muffins are a great opportunity to start your kids’ day off right. They are a simple, grab-and-go breakfast option that can be made in advance for the entire week. And by substituting or adding nutritional ingredients to the mix, you can ensure your kids will get the health benefits they need and the taste they want. Oatmeal, for example, is a great base for muffins. It’s full of fiber which will keep your children full and can help prevent a number of diseases, including diabetes. An oatmeal muffin is tasty by itself, but you can also add nutritious ingredients such as applesauce and cinnamon or bananas and peanut butter.  You might even consider throwing some antioxidant-rich blueberries into your favorite oatmeal muffin recipe.

Healthy pizza

If your family is a fan of pizza night, consider ditching anything that comes from the freezer or in a box for a healthier alternative. By making your own pizza, you can monitor what ingredients go into it and avoid the greasy, calorie-dense substances you find in purchased pizzas.  It’s easy to create your own pizza, and can be a fun experience for your kids. Use healthier ingredients such as pita bread or whole grain bagels for the crust and top it with pizza sauce that is loaded with added vegetables.  Let everyone in your family load up their pizza with their favorite toppings and enjoy.


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