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How Your Health Can Restrict You

Health is a fabulous thing… when it is going right. When your health isn’t in the best of conditions, it can only hold you back in life. But slowly, as we age, you’ll notice that things start to go wrong more often than they go right. A lot of them are due to age, but it is often the factors that we put into place when we were younger that damages our health. For example, if in your teenage years you tried your hand at smoking, it’ll catch up with you when you’re older! So, to try and make sure your health doesn’t restrict you, here are the main ways it can, and how you can avoid them.

Weight Conditions

There are some health conditions out there that do actually lead to obesity. But for the most part, it is self inflicted causes that causes obesity. Americans have the highest obesity rate, in both adults and children, in the whole world. Nearly half of the population is obese, and the number is constantly climbing. This could be due to some social factors. For example, America is renowned for super sizing everything, so the more people eat out, the more weight they’re going to put on. The implications of obesity are huge. It can lead to heart conditions such as heart disease, intestinal nightmares such as a ruptured intestine, blocked stomach etc. It can restrict you is so many more ways than you’ll realise. Mobility levels will drop, self hygiene will decrease, and your overall mood will drop. To stop or prevent this, simply switch to a clean eating diet.

Breathing Conditions

Again, there are many factors both avoidable, and unavoidable that can affect breathing. One of the main conditions that people can get as they get older is COPD. This is caused by either smoking, or fumes being inhaled throughout life. Smoking is the leading cause in deaths around the world, make sure you’re quitting whilst you’re still relatively young! Breathing conditions can affect so much. Things such as daily tasks, flying, or even getting in and out of bed can be affected depending on how severe the issue is. A lot of people rely on special services, such as those offered by airevac to get to the specialist hospitals required. This is how much daily life can be limited. Some people can’t even leave the house without an oxygen mask. To prevent this happening to you, it’s time to kick old habits, and switch to a healthy lifestyle. The more oxygen your lungs has flowing through them, the better they’re going to function. The chemicals within cigarettes destroy healthy lung tissue, and bring on diseases that could restrict you for life.

Unavoidable Conditions

Some we have already talked about, but one we haven’t that is generally unavoidable is arthritis. All older people will have some form of arthritis, and the older you get, the worse it’ll get. The best thing you can do is start taking mobility and vitamin tablets whilst you’re young to protect the lining of the joints, and hopefully prevent the onset of arthritis.

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  1. Health should always be at the top of our priority. We can enjoy so much more in life when we take care of it. Anyways thanks for sharing this information. Cheers!

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