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Flip Flop Wines Review

With flipflop wines, we have embraced the movement toward individualistic expression, instead of manufacturing wines into some cookie-cutter style that’s all the rage. Our goal is to craft expressive, well-balanced wines that evoke just what the grapes inside intended, without being over-wrought or over-explained, and that can be enjoyed at any occasion.

I was thrilled to review some of this outstanding wines. My husband was especially happy when this package arrived.


Medium-bodied, Riesling with peach, apricot and melon which lead to a satisfying, smooth finish. This by far was my favorite because it’s a sweeter wine. Great paired with Tofu stir-fry, shredded pork tacos and sake sashimi.

Pino Grigio

Light-bodied, refreshing Pinot Grigio with tropical citrus, ripe pear and a zesty, clean finish. This is a nice refreshing white wine. For me I would have liked it a bit sweeter. I would have loved more of the pear flavor to shine. Great paired with Bruschetta, spaghetti carbonara, eggplant parmesan or your favorite tacos.

Pinot Noir

Medium-bodied, structured Pinot Noir with bright cherry, sweet spice and a supple, velvety finish. I am not a red wine lover so this one really isn’t for me. I did try it and the flavor was nice but a bit dry for me. Now my husband was in wine heaven as this was his favorite of the bunch. Great paired with Grilled mahi mahi, baconwrapped shrimp or chocolate chip cookies.

Not only are these wines outstanding, Flip Flop Wines is an amazing company. I love a company that give back. That really says a lot about a company. For ever bottle of Flip Flop Wines that is sold, Soles4Souls will give a pair of shoes to someone in need. Anyone that knows me knows I have bad feet so I know the importance of wearing shoes.

I highly recomment Flip Flop Wine for their outstanding taste and their big hearts!

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  1. Hey! Thank you for posting this lovely review! We’re glad you and your husband enjoy Flipflop Wines. We’re also glad that you mentioned Soles4Souls! Your support enables us to continue distributing one pair of shoes every 7 seconds. Thank you !

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