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Five Valentine’s Day Ideas on a Budget

Valentine's Day Ideas
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It’s hard not to get sentimental when watching one of those old DeBeers commercials, “A Diamond is Forever.” Two silhouetted lovers locked in an eternal embrace. A shining diamond given from one to the other. But what DeBeers doesn’t tell you is that Debt is also forever…..

But romance and a six figure paycheck don’t have to be synonymous. Every fan of romantic comedies knows that you don’t have to break the bank to show your affection, you just have to be creative, spontaneous, and resourceful.

Here are some ideas for showing that special someone how you feel this Valentine’s Day without taking a big hit to your wallet.

1. Mozart, Jr.
Nothing says romance like string music. But if a personal concert from Yo-Yo Ma isn’t in your budget, make a call to the local high school and see if the youth orchestra would be willing to play your honey his/her favorite love song. Estimated Cost: $50/hr

2. “I Would Walk Five Thousand Miles”
Taking a trip is the ultimate aphrodisiac. Escapism puts everyone in the mood for love. But round trip plane tickets to the French countryside will cost you somewhere in the range of $1500, not to mention hotel costs. Instead, put a full tank of gas in the car, buy some wine and artisanal cheeses from a specialty market, drive into the local countryside, and find a unique and isolated spot for a romantic picnic. Almost every state has mountains or a beach nearby. Choose one.

3. “Feed My Soul”
5 Star Restaurant prices are nothing short of robbery during Valentines day. These large chains and popular fine dinings know that couples will be looking for a place to spoil the love of their life and they take full advantage with meal packages reaching in upwards of $250 per person. More often than not these Valentines specials are off the regular menu and more likely to be something you don’t want and with all the other customers shutting down phone lines to get a reservation you can forget about that cushy window seat you like so much. A better idea would be to cook for the one you love. Look up a hearty recipe from Paula Deen and pair it with wine and dessert. Make a plan of it for fun. Perhaps you can decide to cook together for V-Day or even surprise each other with a dish you made all on your own.

4. Shot Straight To My Heart
If you’re beau is the rough and rugged type here’s an idea to turn a regular day of gun range shooting into a romance filled moment. Just before target practice arrange for owners to hang a big red heart with your name, the date you met, and a blown up picture of yourself in the middle. After your love has hit around on a regular target sheet, have them blindfolded and once they’ve landed a shot, show them just how they’ve pierced your heart. This would also work at a local archery which is just as romantic in the outdoors and might even be free for first timers.

5. Advertise It
There are so many local and trendy publications around that you could certainly arrange for a great “I Love You” post in one of your mate’s favorite magazines or newsletters. Email or call the editors or sales team to make this once and only favor for the one you love. Most will probably appreciate being a part of your lovely scheme. For added potential try getting an ad online. That way, he/she can post your ad to Facebook and show all their friends.

Whatever you decide on this season, personalized displays of affection are the way to go no matter how much your gift costs you.

Sarah Wright lives in LA with her two children writing about investing, quick cash loans and personal finance.

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