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Find Time For You: Reasons Why Your Health Should Be A Top Priority As A Mom

Reasons Why Your Health Should Be A Top Priority As A MomAs soon as you find out that your first child is on the way, your personal priorities disappear and that child becomes your life. It may be instinct, but is it the best thing for your family? A healthy mom results in a much better family backbone than a tired, haggard one. When you prioritize your health, your whole family enjoys the benefits. Here are a few reasons why you should re-prioritize your life to focus on your health:

You’ll Have More Energy

Energy should be the daily norm, not a precious commodity that you horde for key tasks. Maintaining good energy levels lets you stay on top of what needs to be done, keeps the spring in your step and your family confident in your abilities. Consistently low energy levels can also also be the sign of an illness, such as low thyroid hormone or vitamin deficiencies, that you may be overlooking.

You’ll Be in a Better Mood

It is no secret that when you spend all day short-tempered and moody, the household suffers. Taking the time to improve your mental well-being will ripple outward and give you a calmer, positive home. When your mood is suffering, check your diet, exercise, sleeping and stress management patterns. If you can’t seem to be happy and motivated no matter what you do, it’s important to speak with your doctor.

You’ll Be More Focused

Staying on-the-ball is about more than just productivity and check marks on a to-do list. Remembering appointments, field trip forms and grocery store requests makes your family members feel valued. Sleep and exercise are two of the biggest factors in focus. Even short bursts of exercise are known to improve hand-eye coordination, memory and activate more areas of your brain, and getting a full night’s rest every day is a recipe for maximum focus.

You’ll Look And Feel Better

Taking good care of your body will not only make you feel better, you will look better as well. Dark circles and puffy eyes that come with lack of sleep will disappear when you get enough rest. You can also make small steps to improve your health and your skin. Whether you choose to do advanced lipo, non surgical facelifts, or hormone replacement therapy at a Los Angeles Center that focuses on rejuvenating your health, there are many choices to help you look and feel better. Small changes can make a big difference in your overall health and appearance.

You’ll Lead By Example

If you want your children to grow up healthy, you have to show them how. In 2008, scientists at the Center of Childhood Obesity Research pointed out that research shows children model their eating habits after parental and other authority figures, such as teachers. If you want your kids to prioritize their health, they need to see you do it. Good food choices, exercise and stress management skills are passed on just as readily as genetics.

Taking care of yourself is taking care of your family by extension. Finding time for yourself ensures that you can be there when it counts. A healthy mom, after all, is what creates a healthy family.




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