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Dealing With Chronic Pain, It’s Time To Make A Positive Change

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Staying fit and healthy is something we all strive for but isn’t always as easy as it sounds. As humans, we are naturally faced with adversities, our bodies struggle and we can suffer with a multitude of chronic issues. Chronic pain is something that is not easy to deal with and after a while it can become tiresome and affect our minds and bodies. 

What causes pain to become chronic?

Most tissues heal in a period of six weeks to six months. When the initial message of tissue damage lasts beyond a certain time, the central nervous system undergoes excitation and a decrease in the stimulus threshold of the nerves is caused. Nerves that are not involved in transmitting pain messages begin to do so, the areas of pain expand so that even an area that was not anatomically related to the area of injury will alert to pain and any pain is felt as severe. Chronic pain can cause a more severe sensation of pain in the case of new tissue damage, new pain areas can become chronic pain more easily and the pain can spread to nearby areas which are anatomically undamaged. Improper pain management and control can make pain chronic – and then pain leads to more pain. There are many conditions associated with this, too many to name but common ones are fibromyalgia, arthritis etc. 

How do you deal with pain?

It is important for the patient to understand that pain is the body’s defense mechanism and not necessarily a measure of actual damage. In chronic pain the brain still “thinks” that there is tissue damage and therefore continues to transmit pain. Now, the brain and nervous system need to be re-taught that there is no danger and there is no longer any tissue damage. It is important to note that this is only true in cases where another cause of pain has been ruled out. You may need certain types of medication or physiotherapy. There may be other methods such as meditation, acupuncture and types of hemp products. In this case you should look at Delta8 for more information. 

Chronic pain can cause anxiety and affect daily functioning, especially in cases where there is no clear cause for the pain. Daily preoccupation with thinking about pain will only cause greater pain. In addition, pain is affected by our beliefs and behavior patterns. For example, fear of injury, recurrent injury and functional limitation affect the perception of pain and may excite the same feeling. A certain acceptance of the condition and the investment of energies in proper treatment are significant in the ability to control pain. Anxiety is something that exacerbates all medical problems, because it heightens our senses and our moods. It must be dealt with accordingly in order to be able to help fight off the chronic issues. Your doctor may offer you certain supplements to assist, but this is also worth researching yourself. Nobody should suffer in silence, so get the help you need for a brighter future. 

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