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Craft Projects and Kits Perfect for Girls Bonding

kids craftsGirl craft projects and kits are among the best activities friends can do. You may use them at your friend’s party or at the kitchen table during sleep overs and you don’t want to go out. Girls arts and crafts projects get your ideas flowing and you will be surprised at some of the best concepts and designs you can think of.
Here you will find descriptions of many girls’ crafts that come in a kit form. Of course, if you would take a look at these kits, you may figure out what materials you will require to make your own kit. When you are feeling particularly crafty, you may easily gather your own materials. When you are rushed, or find a good sale where the craft kits are very much affordable, buy them.

Photo Frame

The first activity that you and your friends can do is the chic girl photo frame. This is a kit with enough supplies to make more frames. These pretty items come with several pastel colored stickers to design them with. You need to add your own pictures. There is another craft kit that makes picture frames, but it is made out of foam. You get the shapes like shoes, lipsticks, etc. These are very cute and appear sturdier than the first material. Though both really look beautiful.


There are also foam hat craft kits. Each of these kits has a hennin, a tall or cone shaped hat used during the medieval years. You may hang a piece of cloth or netting to give it a flowing look. These items also come with royal stickers that you can add to design every hat. Perfect for pictures, right?


The next of our girls craft project kits is a tiara kit. Teens still dream of becoming a princess. They can relate to this especially during prom season. Again, you have some stickers to style every tiara. You may get some beautiful imaginative appearing tiaras from some of the girls at your craft table. You and your friends will all look like queens or princesses!

Aside from the chic princess’ materials, many girl teens are also into flip flops and jewelries. To make flip flops, girls must get plain colored slippers almost anywhere. Use the various assortments of materials to style them. You can make flowers out of fabrics, and add a gem in the center. You can use pre-made flower to style the surface of the slipper, or just glue some big stones to it. This activity is truly fun, easy, and affordable. Perfect for girls bonding.

How about putting together your own earrings, watches, bracelets, or necklaces  by stringing beads, and arranging them however they would want. They will have tons of fun if you get a wide variety of sizes and colors. Remind your friends to think of what they enjoy wearing most, and to make items that will compliment outfits they wear.

Any craft can be tweaked to be fun for girls. Just think about what you are into and how you can do them make something to benefit you during that moment.

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