Chicken Soup for the Soul: Say Goodbye to Stress Review

Everyone has stress in their life. If you don't, well, you need to share the secret! There are several techniques and products you can get to help you cope. This Chicken Soup for the Soul book is just another added recsouce to help. Chicken Soup for the Soul: Say Goodbye to Stress is designed with the stess currently going on and how to face it in the the days ahead.

Here is a brief descrption of the book:

Inspiring Chicken Soup for the Soul stories and accessible leading-edge medical information from Dr. Jeff Brown of Harvard Medical School. We all have stress in our lives. What differentiates us is how we handle it. The combination of these stories, from people who have learned how to manage stress, and Dr. Brown’s practical advice, will have you wondering what you were worried about! Who knew there were so many easy ways to manage your stress?

My Review:

What a great book. I have a lot of stress with working full time, blogging deadlines, being a Mom to a 5 year old, and then hubby, there are days I just want to sleep!  I loved that it includedl medical advice for a healthier you.  Dr. Jeff Brown of Harvard Medical School was one of the authors of this book.  This book may be small but it packs a great punch.

If you know somone going through a lot of stress, do them a favor and go out and get this book! It's a great way to pay it forward.  If you don't have this book make sure to add it to your Christmas List.

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