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Cell Phones: How They Can Improve Your Life Instead of Distract You and Become an Addiction

How They Can Improve Your Life Instead Of Distract You And Become An AddictionCell phones have been pegged as a distraction in the workplace, schools and even at social gatherings. Although it may be true that cell phones are prone to cause distractions, cellular devices contain several positive aspects that we can all benefit from.


Not only do cell phones provide a quick and portable calling system in the case of an emergency, all smartphones contain internet connection, GPS location and maps. In the case of someone getting lost or stranded, a cell phone becomes the reason they do not have to walk ten miles to a gas station or hitchhike with a stranger.

Communication Skills

TIME Magazine offers a study that texting can have a positive influence for introverted teenagers. When talking in public, or on the phone, a shy individual often becomes nervous, and texting is a gateway to share their thoughts without any pressure. It is also proven that texting opens up a door for a shy individual to become more confident in their speaking abilities once the pressure is off. It’s a good way to approach someone for the first time if you otherwise wouldn’t talk to them.

Workplace Convenience

Businesses often use smartphones to send documents, emails and texts throughout the day. It is a much easier and more convenient way to transfer things from person to person, rather than having to find a computer first to get in touch with coworkers.It also helps to keep everything in check and provides quick communication with a boss or clients.

Lone Distance Socialization

Cell phones provide an intense amount of socialization opportunities. It allows people who are states, and even countries away to keep in touch. Cell phone technology provides solutions to keep people together even when they are not. Friendships can withstand moves and long distance relationships have a fighting chance.


Smartphones on the market today all provide internet connection to their users. Although that can be used in a negative sense, it has also caused a boost in education. Individuals can look-up or research anything, which makes homework, work assignments or just plain curiosity easier and more accessible.

Larger Opportunities

Several people that have handicaps, such as deafness, stuttering or a mental disorder, have been given larger opportunities through texting. All of these handicaps can be overcome, but most of them involve difficulty talking on the phone. Texting has provided a way for them to communicate without pressure which has opened up more opportunities and more confidence among them.


Cellular devices provide endless amounts of positive effects. The problem is not the phone but the choice that is made with it. With the right choice, cell phones can change a life and a world for the better. Smartphones have countless apps that can be used to improve your life. If you recently upgraded your phone, it’s a good idea to sell your iPhone that is outdated for someone else to use and put a little extra cash in your wallet.




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