Online Games.. Do You Play?

I have mixed feeling on online gaming. Mainly because I get so wrapped up in them that time just flies by and I never get anything done. My main online gaming source has been Facebook but man that is time consuming that I really have to limit what games I do play.  Do you allow your family to play online games?

Children and Games

Being that we are all about computers these days, I see more and more ads and emails about kids sites to play games. While I am not totally against my son getting online, I do want to know exactly what he is doing.  So here are a couple sites that I think would be very suitable for the youngsters to play on.

  • Disney– Join the Princess and the Frog and Jake and the Neverland Pirates for a game of fun adventures.
  • Nickelodeon– Play games with characters like Ninja Turtles, Sponge Bob, and Dora
  • PBS- Great site for educational games like Clifford, Super Why, and my son's favorite, Curious George.

Adults and Games

Now us adults need a little fun as well. I work in a nursing home and games are a HUGE thing here. They can't get out so they enjoy board games because they don't have access to a computer 24/7. Some do have personal laptops and we provide free Wifi for them to use.  Here are a few fun site I would recommend.

  • Pogo- From classic card games to puzzle games you can pretty much find anything to pass your time.
  • FoxyBingo– Bingo is huge here at work so why not take it online with FoxyBingo. They have a Foxy community you can become apart of or join their Elite Club for VIP treatment.  With 7 types of Bingo and tournaments, there is certainly enough to keep you entertained.
  • Big Fish Games- Great site for classic casino games like blackjack and slots. They do offer classic card and puzzle games.

Do you use online games to pass the time? If so, what is your favorite online game to play? I would love to know your thoughts on children and online games. Are you pro or con? I am kinds in the middle if that is an option.



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