5 DIY Jobs That Are Great For Burning Calories

You might have a huge list of chores that simply need to be done before your day ends. You also might be trying your best to burn a few calories and lose a bit of weight. If your chores are cutting into your workout time, you might be willing to give up the calorie burning time to finish those DIY chores. Luckily, there are several DIY jobs that you can complete and still burn off those calories while finishing them. In case you didn’t know, DIY can be great exercise without you even knowing it.

Clean Your Gutters

Getting up on the roof and cleaning out the nasty gutters doesn’t sound like an effective way to burn calories, but it can be a great workout for your legs and core. You have to climb up and down your ladder to get to the roof. This climbing is great for your leg muscles, especially your calf muscles. Once you are on top of the ladder, you must maintain balance which stabilizes and engages your core muscles. The thought of working your abs while cleaning out the gutters might convince you to get the job done a little sooner. For a bit more on the subject of calorie burn, while doing projects, This Old House has an excellent article, including cleaning out the gutters.

Weed Your Garden

Most people sit on their knees while weeding the garden. This might be a more comfortable position, but if you bend into a squat, you could engage your quadriceps and gluteus muscles. The constant movement of squatting and standing is also a great workout for your core because you have to keep your balance, engaging those core muscles. With this thought in mind, you might choose to weed your garden every other day instead of once a week.

Repaint Your Room

For a great DIY project that burns calories, you could repaint a room in your home. That seems a little strange, but the amount of movement it takes to prepare and paint a room can burn a great number of calories. Before you begin painting, you should clean your room, including vacuuming your laminate floors and carpets to remove any dust. The action of vacuuming engages your core and muscles throughout your arms and shoulders. Once you begin painting, you will be moving your arms up and down, which is equivalent to different arm workouts. You can also work your back muscles while painting. Of course, any amount of muscle engagement burns calories, which is a plus when completing a DIY project.

Mow Your Lawn

For an intense workout, you could grab a push mower and mow your entire lawn. This works your arms, core, back, shoulders, and legs all in one. By pushing the mower around, you are also raising your heart rate which is the same as a cardio routine. You will also be burning calories the entire time! For other DIY projects in your lawn, you could rake leaves, trim bushes, and landscaping. Each of these great projects engages your entire body for an intense calorie burn while checking off items on your to-do list.

Clean Your Garage

If your garage has acquired too much clutter, you can take the extra time to do a thorough cleaning of your garage without giving up your workout time. All of the heavy lifting and moving involved in cleaning out your garage helps build a good sense of balance. It also helps with cardiovascular exercise, raising your heart rate which burns calories. Moving heavy boxes and sweeping a large broom is equal to a total-body workout you might do at the gym.


The thought of completing both your to-do list and your daily workout seems almost too good to be true, but it’s pretty easy to accomplish both. There are multiple DIY projects that you can complete to give you an intense calorie burn, work those muscles, and get your to-do list done. If you are curious about your calorie burn or a number of steps taken, you can get a sports watch or pedometer to keep up with your fitness while DIYing. Who’s ready to get to work?

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