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3 Sure Fire Anxiety Relievers For All

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The global pandemic of 2020 will go down in history as the most acutely traumatic time in a generation. It can be difficult to work out how to adjust to the new normal that has been thrust upon us. Trying to tread water can make us anxious. These heightened levels of anxiety increase when we are worried about the health of our brood, we can’t socialize and see our friends, and we are worried about the stability of our jobs. However, you will get used to this new normal and you will learn to thrive. In the meantime, you may need some help to combat the anxious feelings that develop within. Take a look at these sure fire anxiety relievers for all.


Talking is crucial if you are feeling any sort of mental anguish. Bottling up your feelings will only result in compounded issues, depression, and intrusive thoughts. Try and rely on your nearest and dearest as a support network. You can meet up via Zoom or Skype and simply chat. Rant to them, cry if you need to, and talk about how you are feeling. A problem shared really is a problem halved. Alternatively, you could head online and check out a family counselling session or two, to help you and your brood get to grips with the new normal. Some people prefer to speak to someone removed from their support network to give them a more objective view of their situation. Getting a third party professional involved could really help lighten your stresses.


If you thought that yoga was the realm of hippies and dreadlocked individuals that wear tie-dye tee shirts, you’d be wrong. Yoga is now more mainstream and is even prescribed by doctors as an alternative to medication for patients with anxiety and stress. By moving your body into a range of postures, you can strengthen your core and feel better physically. By coupling this with breathing exercises, you learn to live more in the moment, forgetting about your problems and worries, and becoming more mindful of the present. This mindfulness approach to living takes some getting used to and doesn’t come easy to those individuals who have a tendency to overthink and analyse. However, by taking part in virtual classes led by a professional, qualified yogi, you have every chance of making your thought process a more pleasant experience.

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Do Something New

When we are bored or wallowing, we tend to focus on the negative. This can become chronic. At the moment, this is the Covid-19 crisis. We allow ourselves to be bombarded with pandemic stats day in, day out via news and social media. Instead, you need to break away and do something new. Focusing your thoughts on a new hobby will give your mind a break. Think about dusting off your old recipe books and bake, or perhaps learn the guitar, or maybe you fancy painting? Giving yourself something new to think about breaks the intrusive thought pattern and can make you feel more positive and less anxious once again. 

Anxiety can have a detrimental impact on your quality of life. Follow this guide and you can relieve your anxieties and find peace once more.

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