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Stress Under The Spotlight

The word ‘stress’ doesn’t have the best reputation, right? It often influences our quality of life by affecting our relationships, work, sleep, weight loss efforts and more. But maybe it should be given a closer look in order for us to learn how it affects our lives and how we can manage it.

Let’s start off with what your body goes through when experiencing stress: sweat increases on your skin because blood moves away in case of injury during a challenge. You start to breathe faster for more oxygen supply and your heart beats faster to improve blood supply. Blood sugar is released from your liver for increased energy and your digestive system shuts down to save energy and allows blood supply to where it is most needed. If you need advice on leading a healthy lifestyle, managing stress and choosing the right products to help with that, Analyze That is a trusted source that will help you to do exactly that – click here for more.

Can Stress Be Positive?

It is important to remember that stress is only a symptom of pressure. You experience stress when you are unable to cope with pressure. If we look at stress from a positive angle, we can see that it often helps us to grow. If we do not feel a certain amount of pressure in our lives, we may feel like we’re not being challenged and then we may not realize the potential that we really have. Pressure is important in encouraging us to succeed and develop ourselves. Learn more about how to harness positive stress.

The Main Sources Of Stress

Besides the fact that stress can help us grow in some cases, it can easily become too much to handle if it comes from too many sources in our life. It is important to get to know yourself and to realize what triggers stress in what areas of your life. By figuring out what type of lifestyle suits you can help balance your energy over a long period of time which will create a much more harmonious lifestyle. The following areas in life are the main sources of stress:


  • Social Interaction – The way we care for each other, listen to each other and touch each other plays a great role in coping with life. It is important to have like-minded friends with whom you can share deep feelings and relax completely.
  • Your Home Environment – A home, ideally, should be a place where you feel nurtured and safe. The place where you sleep should especially be a welcoming and friendly space. But, unfortunately, our homes are often our battlegrounds. If this is the case, read more about how to deal with family problems.
  • Your Work – Your work is supposed to be an arena in which you express all your greatest aspirations, fulfilments and aspirations. Most people feel stressed at work because of workload, but many people also experience pressure when they don’t have enough mental stimulation. This can come in the form of lack of inspiration or intense boredom. If your work creates too much pressure to handle or is not fulfilling you, maybe it’s time to make a change or move on.

How To Cope With Pressure

Try deep relaxation. We cannot really get in tune with the areas of tension within our bodies, if we don’t consciously, part by part, relax every function of the body and every muscle group. Remember that consciousness heals and the more conscious we are as we let go of any tension, the less likely it is to spring back.


Supplement. When you are under pressure, the body and mind use up far more energy and we, therefore, need to replenish them. The vital vitamins that you should be taking in times of stress are a B complex, vitamin C and zinc.


Get to know yourself by finding out in what areas of life you experience stress and what stimulus you need in order to be fulfilled, happy and creative. You’ll find that your life will be starting to get into balance and you’ll be functioning more harmoniously.







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3 thoughts on “Stress Under The Spotlight

  1. Hi Karla! I agree that stress or pressure can be good for us. It helps us grow. Life will be boring without it. But like everything in life, there should be a balance and too much stress is bad. Great job in breaking down the what, why and how to deal with it. 🙂
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  2. HI Karla,

    Great article!! I whole heartedly agree with your opinions on stress and stress management above. Some stress can be good for us, to keep is forging ahead and keep our minds strong.

    But too much stress, of course, is not healthy.

    Looks like you hit the nail on the head with the points in your article! I used to have a hard time keeping my stress levels at a healthy point.

    I now use exercise and Yoga to help keep my mind and body fresh!!

    Thanks again, and I look forward to reading more po sts on your website!

    Andrea´s last blog post ..31 TIPS : How To Lose 50 Pounds In 2 Months Without Exercise

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