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Why Weight Watchers is Sustainable

I am an old hat when it comes to Weight Watchers. I have joined at least 10 times now. So thought I would writeWeight Watchers about what it is and how it can work. Why hasn’t it worked for me you say? Well I got lazy and quit but when I did do the work, the weight did come off.

Weight Watchers builds its plan on the concept of their members losing, on an average, 2 pounds a week. This concept is based on the fact that more people will keep the weight off longer when they lose it slower and at a steady pace.

Weight Watchers encourages their members (online or “live”) to learn how to adjust their lifestyle to one that includes healthy eating and exercise. Their method of giving a Points value to each serving of food makes it easy for members to calculate the proper portion of food to eat. This method also makes it easy for members to stay on the plan because it gives them lots of flexibility and variety in the foods they choose. Weight Watchers doesn’t tell them what to eat, but rather it helps them learn what to eat and what not to eat.

Whether you do the online program or attend live meetings, Weight Watchers provides its members with the tools they need in order to achieve an average weight loss of 2 pounds per week. There are recipe and Points books, Points trackers (food journals), a Dining Out Guide and much more available either through their online program or for purchase separately. Using these tools to track and calculate what you eat, drink and how much exercise you’re getting will help most people achieve a healthy weight loss each week.

The other concept that makes Weight Watchers sustainable is the fact that they recommend their members to weigh in only once a week, on the same day, and at the same time. Our bodies fluctuate in weight frequently throughout the day, so maintaining a regular weigh in schedule will help to give a truer weight on the scale.

Weight Watchers doesn’t tell you what to eat as far as required or forbidden foods go. Just about any food is “allowed” as long as you calculate and keep track of the Points value. This method teaches you portion control as well as healthier eating and these habits, once learned, will last a lifetime.

Once you reach lifetime status, you no longer have to pay for meetings but you still need to go and weigh in once a month and you must maintain your weight within 3lbs of your lifetime goal weight. I say that is an excellent reason to keep with it. Just remember that when you start you will be super excited but you need to maintain that motivation and don’t give up, like I have. You can do it.

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7 thoughts on “Why Weight Watchers is Sustainable

  1. Thanks Ivette.. Yeah I have a hard time making the meeting but I did enjoy going. I loved my leader which helps and I got lots of great food ideas.

  2. I agree Karla – Weight Watchers is a great way to lose weight. I lost 40 pounds on WW in 2006/2007 and kept it off through 2 pregnancies. They do teach you how to eat and how exercise helps you achieve your goals.

    Committing to WW is a big time investment. For me, I just cannot commit to the time it takes to plan out all the meals and track everything like I should. Two babies and two businesses makes this mama dead last on the priority list. That’s why for me, the choice was to go to a meal replacement shake so that I can eat fast, not have to worry about tracking everything and just focus on a sensible dinner for the whole family. One planned meal a day is doable for me 🙂

    The support you get from WW is amazing, and the education is eye opening. I actually miss the weekly meetings – just can’t make it to one with the girls in tow.

    Great recap of WW for anyone considering the program!

  3. Great post. WW is definitely a great weight loss program. Their principles are sound and they are among the few that encourage a change in life style. Loosing the weight 2 pounds a week is healthy and achievable at the same time, so it is good for more than just one reason. I know several women who have been on WW or still are. Those that stay on it, obviously managed to make the life style change. If you don’t start with the mindset to make that change, it will be hard to be successful.
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  4. I’ve used it in the past and it has been very successful. We just plain over eat and don’t get enough exercise.

    WW made me aware of what I was eating and helped me make better choices. And I like that there are no banned foods.

    And I think being part of a community is helpful too.
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  5. I’ve always wanted to check on weight watchers, it seems interesting, but never had time. Portion control is what I’ve been struggling with since I looooove to eat and really enjoys savoring what I’m eating. My portion control alert is when I feel full. Tracking pounts like weight watchers might help me a lot. Thanks for the information, Karla!
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  6. I love the concept of losing a little each week and also of being able to vary what we eat. Eating the same exact food every day gets extremely boring and being able to vary is essential for long term weight loss.
    Even though I didn’t use it myself, I believe Weight Watchers is a program that has all the key ingredients for successful weight loss.I know that things you pointed out about Weight Watchers, I personally incorporated in my own weight loss journey.
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