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What No One Tells You About Infertility

Dealing with infertility is difficult for anyone. While it’s an experience that many people go through, it is still often treated like something that’s taboo to talk about. You might learn more about the world of infertility once you’re in it yourself, but when you first find yourself facing it, it can all seem like a very strange new world. Even when people do talk about it, they can leave out many of the experiences that people dealing with infertility find themselves struggling with. Whether you’re having problems with infertility or you’re considering trying for a baby, here are some of the things you might not have learned.

It’s Not Just for First Babies

When people think of infertility, they usually think about couples who are struggling to conceive at all. They have yet to have their first child, and might be worrying about never being able to have a biological child. While this is a problem for many couples, it’s not the only way people experience infertility. Secondary infertility is when a woman has already had one child but is having difficulty getting or staying pregnant again. It can still be very difficult to deal with, despite the fact that you are already a parent.

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Fertility Treatments Can Be Tough

There are various fertility treatments that can help when you’re experiencing infertility. You’re probably already aware that they can be expensive and that they’re not always successful, but when they do work, they can finally bring you the joy you have been anticipating. Fertility treatments can help you achieve your dream of having children, but in vitro fertilization and other treatments can be tough. Hormone treatments can affect both your physical body and your emotions. They can make an already difficult time even harder to deal with, but they may also be the key to becoming a parent.

Social Media Makes Things Harder

Social media can make your life difficult at the best of times. It makes it so much easier to compare your life to other people’s, whether they’re getting married, building high-flying careers, or going traveling. When you’re struggling with infertility, social media can become even more of a pain. In fact, it can feel like there’s a pregnancy announcement, gender reveal, baby shower or birth everywhere you look. Of course, other people are going to go on having babies, but it’s not easy to face when you’re still waiting for your own.

It Takes Over Your Life

Infertility can really be all-consuming. It affects different aspects of your life, from your finances to how you relate to your friends and family. It’s difficult to imagine how much it can take over your life until it happens to you. Time can seem to go very slowly, and everything revolves around a schedule, whether it’s tracking ovulation or attending doctor’s appointments. It can be hard to think about anything else.

It’s not easy to deal with infertility, but many people find that the journey is worth it if it might help them to finally achieve their dream.

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