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Top Pregnancy Concerns

It seems I know a lot of pregnant woman right now. So I found this article that I thought would be good to pass along. I hope it helps.

Pregnancy Concerns

When discussing common pregnancy concerns, gestational diabetes and other forms of diabetes usually rank near the top of the list. There is good reason for such attention given to diabetics during pregnancy and other metabolic disorders affecting pregnancy. Type II Diabetes is one of the fastest growing diseases in America today.


In recent decades, diabetic rates have skyrocketed. Pregnancy related diabetes is one area of special concern. Not only due to the negative impact diabetes has on maternal and fetal health, but also because gestational diabetes is one of the most accurate predictors of future development of the more serious and irreversible Type II Diabetes.

Spotting Gestational Diabetes

Gestational diabetes can be tricky to diagnose based on symptoms alone. Some women whose insulin and blood sugar levels are severely out of balance report having no pregnancy concerns at all. Other women with perfectly normal insulin function report typical diabetic symptoms of extreme thirst and frequent urination.

While difficult to detect from symptoms alone, the most commonly observed indicators of gestational diabetes include:

  • repetitive vaginal infections
  • weight gain
  • larger than average fetus/baby
  • extreme thirst
  • frequent urination


Gestational diabetes is usually discovered by a simple glucose test. Administered between the 24th and 28th weeks of pregnancy the test for gestational diabetes measures a woman’s blood sugar one hour after a high fructose beverage is consumed.

Women whose blood sugar levels are below 140 mg/dl are considered safe, while women with levels higher than 140 mg/dl are considered to be at risk and further testing is required.

Additional tests include a second blood glucose test, which is coupled with a restricted diet in the days immediately prior to the test.

Diagnosis and Treatment of Gestational Diabetes

If the diagnosis of gestational diabetes is conclusive, specific pregnancy and diet guidelines will be instituted by the attending OB/GYN. These pregnancy and diet guidelines are not too invasive and are aimed at maintaining normal blood sugar and insulin levels via extra care given to nutrition during pregnancy.

Additional intervening steps may be needed if shifts in diet alone fail to control blood sugar. These measures usually include a lot of needles such as blood tests, insulin shots and other medications.

Gestational diabetes can be prevented and at the very least controlled by proper, well-balanced nutrition during pregnancy. A recommended diet for mothers suffering from gestational diabetes is rich in deep colored vegetables like leafy greens. Fruits are on the caution list as they contain high levels of sugar, but they are definitely preferable to a sugary cake, candy bar or other sweets. Proteins are also important, as they tend to help blood sugar levels remain steady.

Eating proteins from quality organic sources and avoiding foods high in processed chemicals, preservatives, white flours and sugars does not have to be boring. With all of the delicious vegetables and natural foods to choose from, you can put together meals that your taste buds will enjoy. In the long run, this kind of diet will keep both mother and baby healthy not only during the pregnancy but long afterwards as well.

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    I like to think of it as, the more you know about these kind of things, the better prepared you can be.

    Thanks much for this…
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  2. HI Isabel,

    Wow, great information. I will share this with my wife and daughters. As a person that is at risk for Diabetes, I didn’t know a lot about this aspect of the disease. Like Jerome said above, the more you know, the better you are. (not that I am expecting to get pregnant:) Thanks, I will be back for more!
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  3. Wow this is an article full of useful information about gestational diabetes. First time i hear of it but i do have diabetes cases in my family so i better be careful. Even though i am a man i think this info will be very useful when i get married.

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