The Many Adventures of Pengey the Penguin Review


The Many Adventures of Pengey the Penguin (San Francisco Story Works, Dec 2011), winner of the Family Choice Awards and USA Best Books Finalist, is a “bedtime story for the soul,” with a character that is wholesome and reminiscent of our favorite heroes. To read Pengey’s story is to feel empathetic and engaged in this brave little penguin’s harrowing adventures to return back to his first true friend, Wendy.

A modern day fairy tale that bashfully reinforces the universal values of friendship, trust, courage, and honesty. You and your little ones will take an amazing journey when Pengey sets out from Antarctica to find Wendy, his adopted human mom. Problem is, Wendy lives in New York City and Pengey lives in Antarctica.

This story is exciting but never frightening. It can be read aloud, as soon as your child tires of their picture books and is ready for the written word. This book is loved by children and adults of all ages.

My Thoughts

This book is super cute. My son remembers the movie Happy Feet so he related with Pengey. We loved and laughed at the crazy adventures Pengey went on. The author, John Burns, makes you fall in love with Pengey and anyone can relate to him. What makes this book great for the younger kids is that it shows honesty, determination, and the ability to persevere through anything. Qualities that all of us should value.

I would highly recommend this book to be apart of your collection at home and would make an excellent give for any occasion. Don’t forget this book is always available in a e-book version.

Karla Urwitz
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