The Juppy Baby Walker Review and #Giveaway

The Juppy is defiantly a must have for any mother who has a baby learning to walk!  It has received an overwhelming amount of positive reviews from moms who have purchased it. Unlike traditional baby walkers, The Juppy is a parent assisted baby walker which eliminates the problems associated with similar products.

With The Juppy, the baby feels more comfortable and secure. It prevents falls down stairs or reaching for dangerous objects because it requires the parents assistance at all times. The Juppy is easily transportable, which I love. I can throw it right in my purse or the diaper bag and have it wherever I am at. It is made of canvas which is machine washable and has adjustable straps to hold so that you are not bending over and straining your back. This is a genius idea!



How it Works:

According to The Juppy's Official Website, The Juppy baby walker will teach your baby balance and build confidence while never having to worry about accidents or injuries that are associated with traditional baby walkers. The Juppy is one-size-fits-all and will teach your baby to walk sooner. The Juppy is physician approved. When you teach your baby to walk with The Juppy, you stand upright which means no more back pain! If you hold your baby's hands to teach them to walk, the child's arms are up in the air in an uncomfortable, unnatural position, but with The Juppy, the baby's arms are down at their sides giving them more natural balance.

One Size Fits All: The Juppy is suited for babies of all sizes.

Available for Boys or Girls: The Juppy is available in pink, blue, or black

Personalization: Personalize your Juppy with your baby's name of it!

Adjustable Straps: The Juppy has adjustable straps for the best fit for parents, short or tall.

Portability: The Juppy is easy to transport. It comes in a cute drawstring carry bag and fits easily in your purse or diaper bag!

Ther Juppy Carrying Bag


My Personal Experience:

My son just turned 8 months. We tease that he is a very lazy baby. He scoots across the floor on his stomach instead of crawling and doesn't make much attempt to sit up before he topples over and laughs. When I was told about The Juppy, I knew I had to try it! I need to get this little boy motivated to walk! I was a little unsure if it was too soon to try walking though but I decided to give it a try.  I have tried holing him up in a standing position by his hands and that didn't work so well. He bent his legs and just bounced. After 5 minutes, my back was very sore from bending.

When The Juppy arrived, I immediately tried it out. What a difference! When he was in The Juppy, he looked relaxed and very comfortable. He actually made an attempt to walk with support. I was very impressed! I realize that he is still a bit young to be walking on his own, but every day, we get out or Juppy and practice walking all over the house. Each day I seem to notice more strength in his legs. He seems to be getting more and more comfortable with the concept of walking. I truly feel that after just a few weeks of using The Juppy, he will be well on his way to walking on his own sooner than if we didn't have this product. I am very pleased with it!

Would a recommend The Juppy to other mothers? Absolutely!

The Giveaway

The great folks over at Jumpy are giving one lucky reader their very own personalized Jumpy. For US and Canada residents. Ends 7/26. ***Please make sure the mandatory entry is completed fully. All other entries will be voided if not. I will verify the winner has completed this step. Don't miss out, others have***


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