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Last Minute Gift Idea- Think Peppa


peppaI am so not ready for the holiday. I am normally ready by now and excited for the holiday. This year I feel so unprepared. Do you have a last minute gift you need to buy for a child? Think Peppa Pig. There are so many great Peppa products out there you can’t go wrong. I have the honor of reviewing the Peppa Pig Picnic Adventure Car.

We first learned about Peppa Pig from my in-laws. They are from England and that is where Peppa Pig was born. the Picnic car come with a mini Peppa, a picnic basket and blanket, and of course, the pig car. Here is a cute little 5 minute video of a Peppa picnic episode.

My Review

Cooper really enjoyed the  car. He made sure Peppa didn’t have a picnic alone either. There was room in his car for Iron Man, and some army men. He said they kept Peppa’s food safe from any ants that might be thinking of invading.  I really like the Peppa products because I know they are good quality products. The car it’s some cheap piece of plastic. It’s the type that will survive many basement step accidents. Mom’s you know what I mean, why they “accidentally” drive the car down the steps to see what cool moves it can make.

Other Peppa

I had the privilege of also reviewing in the past Peppa Bedtime & Bathtime as well as other Peppa products.  The Peppa Pig figures, books, and DVD’s all make great gifts as well as stocking stuffers. So if you in a jam and don’t know what to get, think Peppa!


Peppa Pig Bedtime & Bathtime Review


photo 4(1)Bedtime is such an ordeal with us. Cooper doesn’t like to go to bed so we fight about it almost every night. We try to get a routine down of bath, snack, books, teeth, and then bed.  While Cooper is 6 and out growing some of his things, he still loves Peppa Pig. He can relate Peppa with his British family.

Bedtime Peppa

The Bedtime Peppa Pig is too cute. Her little cheeks light up a bright red and when you press her tummy, she will talk to you. She  sings lullaby songs, oinks and even plays a counting sheep game. Even though Cooper is a bit “big” for this, he still love hearing her sing.

Bathtime Peppa

The Muddy Puddles Bathtime Peppa Pig toys are great. Cooper couldn’t wait to try them. Peppa is full of dirt on her, so when you put her in warm water, the dirt disappears. The bathtub has a little hole in the bottom, for easy bathwater draining and it also has suction cups on the side of it to put on the bathtub wall for easy playing. Even George is in this bathtime collection.

Read Peppa

Peppa Pig and the Busy Day at School book is really cute. Follow the adventures of Peppa in school as she learns her numbers, letters and more! Cooper is in kindergarten and enjoyed the book because he could relate to it so well. It’s very well illustrated too.
I would highly recommend adding Peppa Pig products to your kids Christmas list!

These products were supplied to me free of charge. My opinions are my own and of honest integrity.

Peppa Pig Review


Some may not know who Peppa Pig is. Well I didn't at first either. Peppa is very popular in England which is how we got introduced. My in-laws had sent Cooper a few Peppa Pig items over the last few years. She is such a cute little pig too. I was thrilled to get the chance to review some of the latest Peppa Pig items.

I was thrilled to review the following items:

  • Peppa Pig Schoolhouse
  • Peppa Pig Muddy Puddles Plush
  • Peppa Pig and the Lost Christmas List book
  • Peppa Pig Birthday Party
  • Peppa Pig Sip and Oink Tea Set

You can find all these items in my Kids Corner shop. They will make excellent gifts this Holiday season.

My Review

This package came at a really good time. It was just after Cooper's birthday. I know I am a bit behind on this review I apologize. At first he thought it was something from his Grandparents but I said nope, Peppa wanted you to have some of her latest stuff. He was so excited. He has watched Peppa a few time on Nick Jr. so he knew a bit about Peppa already.

He has really enjoyed playing with the school house. Occassionally, army men do invade the school house but Peppa always seems to win. For the first few nights I am pretty sure Peppa the plush doll slept with him and went to daycare. To this day we still read the Peppa Pig and the Lost Christmas List book.  I didn't think he would really take to the tea set, being a boy and all, bu he did play with it a few time. While I don't think will be a big play item for him, I am thinking of passing it along to a little girl I know that I think would love it.

The DVD is really great. 10 peppasodes to make for a really great rainy day. If you don't have the DVD you can always try to cactch an epidode or two on Nick Jr.


Product was supplied to me free of charge. My reviews of honest opinion of my own or my reviewers.