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SYTYCD- Best Hip Hop

Ballet dancer, Alex Wong,  kills this hip hop routine. I have been watching SYTYCD since day 1 and this is by far the best hip hop ever! Season 7 is awesome.


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Karla Urwitz

As a full-time career oriented mother of one, I love all things travel. I was in the hospitality business for 15 years and loved it. So why not become a travel agent. So I am trying to find my balance in life through being a parent to a teenager, my love of travel, and living the best life possible. Come join me on this bumpy journey of life.

6 thoughts on “SYTYCD- Best Hip Hop

  1. I know right? It was incredible. This season of the show is just unreal! I felt I needed to bring attention to his talent! Thanks for stopping by.

  2. In years past, dancing was a huge part of hip-hop culture. You can hardly see any trace of it in music videos today. Thanks to shows like SYTYCD and their millions of fans, hip-hop dance routines are starting to make a comeback. Unfortunately I didn’t get to see the video before it was yanked from YouTube. Do you know if it’s posted anywhere else?
    Owen@All-Pro Hip-Hop´s last blog post ..Hip-Hop Blog

  3. that was pretty cool on how they concept that whole dance video, make me wanna get up out my seat and start dancing myself lolz 😀

  4. For me, hip-hop is an awesome music genre and I have been listening hiphop music for a long time. In any case, I haven’t heard anything what you’ve talked about in the posting, great info!

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