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Poopie All Around

Some would think poopie wouldn’t be something to laugh at. Now I know all you Moms can relate to me.  We all have our poop stories. This one puts me in the bad mom category.

C-man had a doctors appointment today and when I picked him up at daycare he was just getting his diaper changed.  I came straight from work and never even thought about going home for a diaper bag.

 Yeah you know where this is going.

We get to the clinic WAY early. I had hoped to get in early. Yeah right I know.  Well the deed happened. Somewhere between noticing two Nemo’s in the fish tank and using the chairs as a jungle gym, he pooped.

How could this be?

 He JUST had his diaper changed I mean come on, mommy isn’t prepared. I had hoped we would get in anytime and get out so I could get him home and changed. That didn’t happen. The longer we waited the bigger the spot on his shorts got. Yep you guessed it, we had oozing.  As I hung my head in shame, I prayed that this would just end.

Yeah remember the oozing?

I take him back for the x-ray and he had to sit on my lap.  At this point I officially have poop on my jeans. So not only does he smell to the high heavens, so do I. We go back out and wait to be called in by the doctor.  This seemed like forever.  With every plop on the floor he made the bigger my cringes got.  How squished can this poop get without exploding? 

At this point when asked how he is, his response is “I have poopie diaper” OMG horrified. I just said to them “poopie is his new favorite word”

 At first he didn’t seem to mind and then he started getting cranky.

 I know I would be cranky if I had that load in my pants.  That is when I saw it. The poor little man was walking bull legged.  At this point I am ready to walk out but they called us back.  While I sit there and wait the the GEORGIOUS doctor to come in I am praying he can’t smell C-man.  (his doctor is so hot hot hot). He came in the room, had C-man bend his arm, said looks good, and off we went.

My Mom was with me so we rushed to her house so we could get the little man changed. Of course at this point the guys butt is so sore from sitting in his poop. We had to give him a bath.  That diaper had to weight at least 5lbs. I didn’t know someone could poop that much. Oy vey!

So that is my poop story for today anyway. What is yours and why is poop so fascinating?

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2 thoughts on “Poopie All Around

  1. HA I love you call them diapers, nappy. My husband is British and he says it every so often.

    That is a story. I have a feeling I will have another poopie story soon called Brown Walls. He is now in the stage of taking off his diapers. Oy

  2. Hi Karla,

    Before I had Thomas I thought I’d never survive a pooey nappy as we say in the UK, but somehow I’ve survived – so far!

    My best poop story so far was about a month ago. One morning Thomas started heaving away and went bright red and I thought we’d be in for a major one. I took him upstairs and was amazed when his nappy was completely empty.

    So I took it off, put it in a bag and suddenly the heaving started again, well it came out like a massive sausage machine, more and more and more, luckily I had a cloth nappy to hand, so I stuffed it underneath him to catch as much as I could.

    Finally it seemed like it was over and done with so I decided it would be safe to empty the contents down the toilet. So there I was in the bathroom when I heard the heaving noises again – aarghh!! So that was my crazy poo moment running back and forwards capturing poo from my baby boy!
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