Say Hello Diamonds: Siviglia Earring Review and #Giveaway

Say Hello Diamond Siviglia Earrings

I am not a very high maintenance kind of girl and don't wear jewelry too often but when I saw these earrings, I fell in love! They are absolutely gorgeous! I couldn't wait to wear them! I have very sensitive ears so I was a bit concerned about my ears reacting to them. I have to be very careful what kind of earring I use. The day the Siviglia earring arrived, I eagerly opened the package so I could try them out. They looked even better in person than the picture! These Sterling Silver earrings with Say Hello Diamonds (totaling 2 carats) were stunning!

About Say Hello Diamonds

Each replica diamond goes through an extensive selection process and a team of inspectors. They want to insure that your replica diamond looks like the real deal. They offer a wide variety of jewelry of whatever occasion your looking for.

My Review

The First Day:

I put them in and waited to see if they would irritate my ears. They looked amazing! I immediately ran downstairs and modeled them for my husband, who also agreed that they looked great! I left them in the rest of the day and my ears were never bothered by them. It has always been hard for me to find earrings that don't bother my ears. So far, I was very impressed. I loved the butterfly clasp backs which ensured that I would not lose one.

Day Two:

The next morning, I got up and put the earrings back in. This time, I decided that I would go out and about and show them off a bit. I put on a cute top to match, did my hair and makeup and went grocery shopping. (Yes, that's going out and about to a mother with three kids.) While I was out, I actually got three compliments on my earrings! I was thrilled by the comments I got!  I tucked my hair neatly behind my ears and continued my day.

What I loved about them:


The main thing I loved about them was that they did not make my ears react. They also will go with any outfit! From casual to fancy evening wear, these earring look great with anything. I am defiantly more of a jeans and T-shirt kind of girl and they went well with all my outfits. If I have a fancier affair to attend, they will also be an absolute gorgeous accessory for a more upscale night out as well.

A Great Price!

The Say Hello Diamonds have the look of very high priced diamonds, at a reasonable price. Due to the fact that I am not overly high maintenance, I won't spend a fortune on jewelry. When I buy jewelry though, I want it to look nice. These earrings were perfect! They looked amazing and were in my budget.

The Final Verdict:

All I can really say is, I love them! The price was affordable, they didn't bother my sensitive ears, they looks beautiful, and so far seem very durable. I would highly recommend these to anyone, especially mothers of young children who still want to look good on tight budgets. These are an affordable way to have the look of very expensive diamonds! I felt very good when wearing these. I give Say Hello Diamonds two thumbs up!

The Giveaway

Say Hello Diamonds is giving one lucky reader a pair of these wonderful earrings. You can choose from a pair of Pantina or Siviglia earrings.  US Residents only. Ends 7/12. **Please make sure the mandatory entry is done. I will verify the winner as done the requirements. Many have lost out for not doing it, don't let that be you***

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