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photoWhat is your favorite summertime drink? For me it’s iced tea. I can drink it by the gallons. I was thrilled to partner again with Mighty Leaf Tea to review more of their awesome teas.

About Mighty Leaf

Mighty Leaf Tea was born for the sole purpose of infusing life into an ancient indulgence by creating tea products that reach new heights of quality and innovation.

The genesis of Mighty Leaf Tea came in 1996 as a result of a shared passion and dream envisioned by husband-and-wife team Gary Shinner and Jill Portman when they founded their teahouse on Fillmore St. in San Francisco.

Their passion is for creating the most incredible handcrafted tea blends found anywhere, globally sourcing the finest ingredients available. Paralleling the highest standards of quality at Mighty Leaf Tea is ongoing creative innovation

My Review

Might Leaf Tea has one of my all time favorite teas, Calypso Mango. It reminds me of a certain coffee shop that has a mango iced tea. This way I can make my own and save some money.  I also got their Organic Black, Sunburst Green Tea, and Ginger Peach. All of which are great.  I got a Takeya pitcher along with the teas so I had everything I needed for summer success.

The Sunburst Green Teas has a sweet orange flavor and uses green tea leaves, so it’s good for you too. Now the Ginger Peach is good but I am not a huge fan of ginger. While I do love the peach flavor it would be one I would hot rather than cold. Well the Organic Black is just good anyway you look at it. Made with south Indian organic black tea leaves you just can’t go wrong.

If you haven’t tried Mighty Leaf I challenge you this summer to do out and try it. They offer a wide variety of flavors and I am sure there is one that will take your fancy.

The Giveaway

Might Leaf Tea is giving one lucky reader this summer gift pack. Includes the 4 teas and pitcher. US Residents only. End 7/23/13. Good luck!
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54 thoughts on “Mighty Leaf Tea Giveaway

  1. I would like to try the Organic Black. I drink a few cups of black tea every day.

  2. I found out about the giveaway because I get your blog via email every day.

  3. I found out about this post through your e-mail newsletter. I have never had Mighty Leaf Tea, but recently went out for tea and am so excited to start getting different ones and trying them.

  4. I visited Might Tea Leaf and I love the Flash Chill Iced Tea Maker Set. You can use the bagged or loose teas and then have the chilling pitcher to cool it down. Neat set.

  5. I found out about this giveaway from your newsletter.
    cjnedrow at gmail dot com

  6. Found on Giveaway Promote Daily. Love the White Orchard it is my favorite and I have had them all

  7. I found the giveaway on Giveaway Promote. I have no experience with Mighty Leaf Tea.

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  9. I’ve never tried Mighty Leaf but they look wonderful. I found this giveaway through Giveaway Promote.

  10. I haven’t tried Mighty Leaf’s teas yet, but would love to. I found this giveaway through Giveaway Promotes aggregated e-mail. Thanks for the opportunity to enter!


  11. The Iced Tea Collection would be an immediate favorite because it features all these flavors: Orange Dulce, Green Tea Tropical, Marrakesh Mint, Organic African Nectar and Organic Detox Infusion.

  12. i have never tried mighty leaf tea but would love to! we drink iced tea every day of the year, lol! thanks for such a nice and generous giveaway-i found it on giveaway promote!

  13. the losse leaf samplers. I love herbal tea it is my drink of choice so thank you for the giveaway

  14. I found my way to this giveaway through Giveaway Promote. As for my Mighty Leaf experience, one of my favorite restaurants serves it, and I always love getting tea there.

  15. I found this giveaway by way of the Giveaway Promote newsletter than I receive in my email


  16. I would like the Vanilla Bean Tea…sounds refreshing!!


  17. I received mighty leaf tea in my popsugar box this month and I am now hooked!!

  18. I’ve had the calypso mango & love it. I think next I’d like to try peppermint

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