Meet The Robinsons Review from Mommy Bear Media

Mommy Bear Media is a small family oriented company the brings good clean high quality movies. All of their movies are for ages 14 or below. You won't find anything R, NC-17, or TV-MA on their site. This is your one stop shop for family movie night. I was thrilled to get the chance to review Meet the Robinsons.


Ride on this futuristic journey with 12 year old orphan Lewis who can't seem to get adopted or make his inventions work despite repeated efforts, he begins to seriously doubt himself and his abilities as an inventor. He meet Wilbur Robinson who claims he if from the future and warns Lewis of a strange man at the science fair. Lewis and Wilbur travel to the future in a time machine where Lewis meets the Robinsons and goes on some wacky and wild adventures.

My Review

This is such a great movie. My son has watched it quite a few times. It really reminds me of a child's version of Back to the Future. Cooper really enjoyed all the inventions Lewis tried. I love the fact that the Robinson treated Lewis as his own and gave him the confidence he needed when he went back to present time. There was a great lesson to teach my son, his actions do effect others so be careful how you act.

Thanks Mommy Bear Media for a great movie!


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