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Meat Flavors You Shouldn’t Be Too Picky To Try

A great meat recipe serves as the perfect easy center for a range of dishes that you can build around it. When you have the meat done well, you can experiment with sides and staples freely. However, it’s a great idea to have some variety when it comes to flavor. Opting for spicy, BBQ, or plain is going to get a little boring. For that reason, here are few delicious flavors that you might find you would love if only you give them a try.

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Go nuts

This might not be all that out there to a lot of people, but there are some regions where the idea of using peanut butter to flavor meats (especially chicken) is nearly unheard of. This is a staple in a lot of Chinese and Thai cuisine, but you can easily make your own peanut chicken, which can be a semi-healthy choice. A great peanut sauce can also make for an excellent dip for all manner of meats, for spring rolls, and even fresh vegetables, if you’re looking to make a meatless meal every now and then.

Give it the ol’ rub

Spice is one thing and you might be perfectly used to using some chili BBQ, or adding some cumin-based glazes to your meat. However, one of the best seasonings that is starting to get a little more popular is that of the old jerk rub. It can feel a little overpowering at first, especially since jerk flavors tend to get up in your nose when you’re cooking. However, there are few things better than a homemade jerk rub with a steak or some chicken on a hot day. The punch it packs can cut right through the heat.

Get fruity with it

It might sound odd that you can choose to pair your meats with fruit flavorings, but a lot of BBQ sauces and curries already make use of some fruits. A little sweetness and zest to go with the savory is a time-honored combo, there just might be a few more interesting ways to go about it than you realize. For one, a good BBQ jelly meatballs recipe can make for a perfect snacky meal. The sweetness contrasts with the natural meat flavors much better than you might think.

An under-appreciated classic

While it’s a classic in many cuisines, there are still so many people in the west who underestimate just how great a soy sauce marinade can be on a meat. If you ever doubt this, go try a chicken teriyaki at anywhere that does Japanese food. Marinades are super easy to make yourself, too, you just need enough time to let them settle into the meat. Marinades pretty go with every kind of meat dish, as well, so it’s a trick you can replicate time and time again so long as you keep switching up the meats.

Once you start experimenting with how you flavor your meat, a whole new world of taste sensations is going to open up to you.

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