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Living Life With A Heart Condition


Hearts are pretty important in the grand scheme of our lives, which is why it is so important to look after them as best you can, especially if your are having to manage a heart condition or have ever had a heart attack. In these cases, knowing how to live a healthy lifestyle is all-important because the question of what if tends to linger at the back of your mind all day long.


The good news is, there are plenty of things you can do to protect your heart, from dieting to exercising, having the right equipment to working with your doctor. All of these will have a positive impact on your healthy lifestyle and allow you to enjoy life in the same way others do. So pick up a pen, make some notes and smile.


Stop Smoking

Yeah, smoking is awful for lungs, and skin, and the brain, but it also tops the list when it comes to heart disease. This is because it raises blood pressure and increases the chances of clotting, not to mention it reduces the good cholesterol in our bodies making it that much harder to exercise (which is good for the heart).


Constant Weight

One of the most important steps in limiting any heart disease, and certainly preventing heart disease from worsening, is to manage your weight properly. Start by knowing what your body mass index is to see what you need to do and then work on eating healthier and exercise more to meet your needs.


Exercise Regularly

It can be so tempting to use your heart conditions as a reason to not exercise, but this will only worsen your condition. Even after a heart attack, it is so important that you work with your doctor to come up with an exercise regime. According to research found at, this exercise will start with walking regularly, and then build up to running and swimming, and then onto exercises with a little more intensity over time.


Healthy Eating

We’ve mentioned weight management and exercise, now it’s time to bring in the all-important balanced diet. In terms of your focus, getting fibers into your body is key, things like fruit and vegetables and whole grains. The other great dietary requirement is Omega 3. We’re talking fish, especially salmon. Yup, your menu is looking nutritious and delicious.


Precautionary Equipment

A huge factor that needs to be considered after a heart attack or when heart conditions are a concern is your state of mind. It is only natural to be anxious. To help with this, having the right equipment at hand can play a big role. As such, it is worth going onto and having a look at AEDs, preferably with your doctor, and seeing which one would best suit your needs. Ideally, you won’t need itm but it is better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.


Reduce Stress

One of the most overlooked elements when it comes to managing a weak heart, so to speak, is stress. The reason for this is, well, stress can have a big impact on how much stress gets heaped onto our bodies, especially our heart. As such, try getting into meditation, yoga, or any other relaxation technique that takes your fancy. These can be a really great way to keep your heart condition under control.

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