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Kidorable #Giveaway- The Cutest Rain Gear for Your Kids

childrens rain geat kidorableI have a feeling this summer is going to be a wet and maybe nasty one. The storms we have had here in the Midwest already have just been unreal. Today was another rainy day. When you send your child off to school or daycare we know they are going to get wet. They don't hold the umbrella right or puddles are just fun to jump in. Get some rain gear that can help and make them look cool.

Kidorable started in 1997 with the objective of making kids apparel both functional but yet fun for the kids. Liping and Jonathan Domsky conceived this idea and brought it to life with tigers and bears. It has grown to the huge collection they have today and growing by leaps and bounds.

They offer a large variety of items like umbrellas, rain boots, and even backpacks. They have cool collections so your child can look like a knight, a fairy and their new line, a space hero. From top to bottom they will look outstanding and dry!

I was thrilled to get the honor of reviewing their products.

My Thoughts

I received a rain coat in the Knight theme. I knew this would excite Cooper but I had no idea that his reaction would be this great.  One he realized that it was a knight coat he was super excited to tackle bears and dragons. He was so excited to show his friends at daycare that the minute he woke up he forgot about his Spidey underwear and went directly for the Kidorable rain coat. Spidey was a thing of the past. 

This Kidorable coat is really great. You can tell right away it a great quality coat and something that the pattern isn't going to fade off of.  It came with a matching hanger, which Cooper wanted to use as his sword. Next year Cooper will be in school so I am sure their backpacks will be something I get. Even when it's not raining out, and 70 degrees, Cooper still wants to put on the coat and pretend he is a knight and fight off his imaginary dragons.  

These products have many uses and I can see at Halloween time, which it usually rains or snows here, that you can uses these collections as a costume.  If you want to get a unique and different type a gift try giving them a backpack or bookends.

The Giveawaychilds umbrella

Kidorable is going to give one lucky reader an Umbrella of their choice.  They are all so cute. This giveaway ends 5/2. US residents only. Good Luck.**You MUST complete the mandatory entry. If your name is choosen I will confirm a mandatory entry was done. Many have lost the chance due to this, don't make that mistake. It takes a few seconds to do.***


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