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Keto Sandwich? Yes it’s possible with NUCO Coconut Wraps

Yes folks, that is a strawberry crepe (recipe below). Just because I am keto/low-carb, doesn’t mean I go without.  Most people who don’t know about Keto or low carb immediately think “OMG I will starve”. Just not the case. I eat enough bacon and cheese for the world and this strawberry crepe was accompanied by a whole lot of bacon.


NUCO Coconut Wraps

Now don’t get me wrong, I do miss having bread and a good ole’ sandwich. When I came across the products on The NUCO site, I thought, YES finally. I am blessed to work with this company who supplied me with a few products to try. Yes, product was sent to me for this review. I received a variety of wraps (cinnamon, coconut, and turmeric) and the amazing Coconut Crunch ceral. Wait until you see what I did this that.

Now I am no fancy cook by any stretch of the word so most of my food are pretty basic. My go to meals usually consist of egg or bacon. Sometimes a girl just get tired of.. eggs people never bacon! So I decided to whip up a cream cheese crepe using the cinnamon coconut wrap with some strawberries on top. The filling was just cream cheese, sugar substitute, and some strawberries. I just whipped it up to taste. I put the wrap in a hot pan to soften it up and stuffed it full of filling with more strawberries on top. You could add a sugar free syrup to it but I liked it as is.  It has a great cinnamon taste to it and a very light coconut taste.  There comes 5 per pack and each wrap is about 4 net carbs.

Let’s talk Cereal

I don’t do cereal. Why? Too many carbs and when I would eat it I would be starving 2 hours later. While I haven’t just had a bowl of the Coconut Crunch cereal yet, I did use it to coast some yummy chicken tenders. Take a look below and drool!

I wasn’t sure how these would turn out with it being a coconut cereal but OMG yummy! 2 net carbs per 1/2 cup. So much better than breadcrumbs.  I just dipped it in some egg and then crusted up cereal. Baked in the oven and bam! Keto chicken tenders. Even the boyfriend who doesn’t like coconut thought they were pretty tasty. Next time I am going to try them on pork chops.


Now that I have made you all hungry and jealous of these product, head on over NUCO and get yours self some. I am telling you , my favorite is the cinnamon wraps. Follow them on Facebook , Twitter and Instagram for all the latest and greatest on their products.


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