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It’s Time to Quit Some Bad Habits

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We all have bad habits. At the end of the day, we’re only human. There are going to be things that we do that are less than perfect and this is okay. But it’s important to reflect on your bad habits every once in a while and determine whether they are impacting your life negatively. Some habits are worse than others and can have poor consequences for your physical health, your mental health, your relationships with others, your career and other major aspects of your life. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that you have to wait until the new year to come up with some new year’s resolutions. Instead, you can review your lifestyle at any point and start making changes sooner rather than later. Here are some common bad habits that many people engage with and overcome!


One of the worst habits for your physical health is smoking. Sure, you may be able to smoke after a certain age depending on where you live, but you should really consider what it can do before getting hooked. Smoking can cause cancer. It can cause lung disease. It stains your teeth and fingers. It causes your hair to look dull. It can affect your fertility. It smells. But on top of this, you also impact anyone you smoke around, as passive smoking can cause the same issues in people who aren’t even choosing to smoke. Of course, quitting is easier said than done. Nicotine in cigarettes is highly addictive and people often struggle to stop once they’ve started. But there are ways. Seek support with this. Your doctor may be able to help make recommendations. You can use nicotine patches or gum to help wean yourself off cigarettes. You could even try vaping with devices like the Delta Vape THC Vape Cartridge.

Fast Food

We’re living in an age where junk food is more easily available than ever. Almost every commercial street has a number of different fast food restaurants and takeaways to choose from. If you drive, you don’t even have to get out of your car to enjoy fast food now, as you can make the most of drive thru options and eat in your car. Fast food is everywhere. It’s marketed at us. It targets us. And yes – it does taste good and is pretty convenient. The issue? Most fast food restaurants offer food that lacks nutrition and is packed with ingredients tha are bad for you. Saturated fats, excess salts, excess sugars. Instead, you need to make sure that you only have this type of food on a very occasional basis. If you struggle to create healthy meals from scratch on a daily basis from time constraints or other issues, you can look into meal prepping. Meal prepping involves preparing certain elements of your meals in advance.


Most of us procrastinate on a relatively regular basis. It’s human. If there’s a task or something you need to do that you’d rather not, that you don’t enjoy, that makes you nervous, that you’d rather avoid – it’s not all too surprising that a lot of people will avoid it. But this doesn’t make it go away. Instead, you simply end up placing yourself under more pressure, as you fall behind and leave yourself less time to complete it. There are a number of cures to procrastination. Some people take an approach of tackling it head on. Doing it regardless of how much they might not want to. Some people will break it into smaller chunks that are more manageable. Some people find setting milestones and deadlines work. Find an approach that works for you. But whatever you do, make sure to tackle it.

Nail Biting

Nail biting is a relatively common habit and many people find that they do it all the time or that they do it when they are stressed, anxious or nervous. However, this can prove detrimental to your wellbeing, causing damage to your nails and fingertips, or simply unhygienic, as a lot of dirt stores beneath your nails. An easier way to stop this habit is to use specialist nail varnishes or liquids that make your nails taste bad. This can snap you out of the habit surprisingly quickly. It draws attention to the fact you’re biting your nails each time you do, putting a stop to your behaviour pretty quickly. It also makes you recoil each time you try to bite your nails, discouraging you from engaging in it time and time again.

These are just a few different habits that you might want to quit in the near future. Hopefully, some of the information above helps you out!

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