InGenuity™ Cozy Coo™ Sway Seat Review

Man I wish I had another baby. There are so many cool products out and it's only been 5 years since mine was born. When I got asked to review this awesome looking swing, I knew my reviewer Stephanie would be the perfect one to test this out for me. 

About Kids II

Kids II has been around since 1969. With brands like Baby Einstein and Bright Starts, they are well know and respected company. Their goal is to create a fascinating world for babies. With their bright colors and award winning products, they keep on making a babies world brighter.

My Review

Stephanie the review on this product but I was with her when she opened the box so I just want to add my few words. First of all, I loved the soft fabric on this swing. It was like a little cocoon of heaven. It wasn't that hard for he husband to put together but do know, assembly is required. Okay now I will let Steph tell you her opinion.

What can I say about the swing… really the question is what can I NOT say about the swing! I just love it! It is so beautiful to start off with. Let’s be frank some baby things are such an eyesore, but not this swing. I love the color scheme of this product – soft hues of gray, blues and creams. The first day we used it we were at a Patio Sale for my work, which is a nursing home. Everyone was commenting who wonderful it was. Many Residents joked about getting one in their size! 

My son sat in it most of the day, rocking and just watching everyone. I had a few issues in the beginning getting the swing to stay at the tempo I wanted it to but I realized it was due to my son kicking his feet – the swing would adjust to him! I love the features it has… the vibration, the music, the mobile. Safety is obviously a huge deal to all mommies, and with swing I completely feel that my son is safe. Plus he loves it!! My son is the type that wants to be moving and bouncing pretty much at all times, so he doesn’t always want to be laying down but when I do put him in this swing he really does enjoy it. Great Product!

This swing is a great baby gift. It is for birth and up and up to 25lbs. Christmas is coming so check out my Kids Corner shop for this awesome product.

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