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Improve Your Diet With These Simple Changes


As the summer looms over us and those floaty dresses stare at us from inside our closets – most of us can’t help but to plan a weight loss journey of some kind. 

Losing weight for the summer months is one of those things that many of us try to do – and making changes to our diet is the best way to achieve this in a healthy way. 

We know that changing your diet can be a daunting affair – and that’s why we have set down just a few simple changes you can make to your diet every day that will improve your health and fitness for the summer months. 

Eat fruit in the morning

Fruit is a fresh food that is packed full of vitamins and minerals that are essential for our body. From potassium in bananas to antioxidants found in berries; it is so important to add fruit to your daily diet for the best health results. 

Eating a couple of portions of fruit for breakfast in the morning is a healthy way to start the day and will not only provide you with those essential vitamins, but will also provide sugar to help give you energy for the day ahead. You are much less likely to snack in the middle of the morning and this will help you to eat less snd lose weight. 

Start the day with green tea 

There are many ways to start your day right when you are dieting, and one of those is to drink a refreshing cup of green tea. Green tea is full of vitamins and it also helps to wake up your metabolism to get the most of our food. When considering the links of your diet and hearing loss, heart disease, and immune issues it is important to start every day by setting up your metabolism for efficient digestion. 

Try meatless Monday 

Meat such as beef and chicken are great sources of protein, however red meat in particular can be fatty and hard to digest. If you are trying to lose some weight this year it is a good idea for you to try eating a meatless meal once a week – such as a Monday. Meatless Monday is a great way to diversify the food you eat as well as get more vegetables on your plate. Consider a vegetable curry, vegetable fajitas, or a simple salad to start your week with easily digestible foods. 

Eat one portion of fish a week 

As well as eating meatless once a week it is a good idea for you to eat fish at least once every week. Fish is a great source of lean protein, amino acids, and other minerals we need for our bodies to function. By eating a portion of lean protein like this once a week you will be providing your body with amazing fuel that doesn’t pile on the pounds. 

Try some of these different healthy eating tips this week to see how much of a difference you can make to your diet. 

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