Howard B Wigglebottom Learn about Courage Review and #Giveaway

HBWCourageAs my son gets older, his book styles change. I am pretty sure we are getting close to being over Micky Mouse and moving on to Spider-man and Super Heroes. One thing we can count is that We Do Listen books can be for any child. They have something for everyone and they share a great lesson in each book. I was thrilled to get the chance to work with them again to review Howard B Wigglebottom Learn about Courage.

About We Do Listen

We Do Listen Foundation brings the ability to enable children to enjoy inner peace and communicate in a more effective way. They are a Non-Profit organization that produce educational books and materials that help kids learn to listen, have self confidence and deal with bullies and violence. Most at the We Do Listen Foundation are volunteers and share their ideas on a more peaceful and harmony filled world.

My Review

One of the great things about this book is the characters are relate-able to Cooper because he is into super heroes right now. I love We Do Listen books because of the message in each book. I think the first one we read was Too Much of A Good Thing and to this day we still say that and he knows exactly what that means because of the book.

Learning about Courage is the same. This book has SuperBunny, SpiderBunny, and BatBunny all wrapped into one good book.  It helped Cooper understand that he can have fear and the courage to overcome that fear.  It opened up a great conversation about my fear of heights and that I would love to do daring things if I could muster up the courage to over come it. Of course like any 5 year old he said “You can do it Mom” It was a good lesson learned and one we will keep reading about many nights to come.

The Giveaway

We Do Listen is giving one lucky reader a book of their choosing. US and Canada residents only. Ends 4/4. Good Luck

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