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How to Throw a Great Holiday Party Without Busting the Bank

The holidays of fall are great times to plan an event with family or friends. Depending on where you live, an outdoor party may be just the ticket. When it comes to entertaining outdoors, the options are virtually endless. You can choose holiday themes such as Halloween or Thanksgiving, games, various menus, and a variety of guests. Any party can get costly, but there are many ways to go about affordable entertaining, even on a tight budget. The following tips can help you find a way to make your outdoor holiday parties both fun and affordable.

Tip 1: Choose a Rain Date

If you want to have an outdoor party, have an outdoor party. Rain can always hinder that event, however, and many people advocate having an indoor back up location. Indoor locations can be quite expensive, though, and if you’ve planned an outdoor event, it really works best outside. Instead of choosing a back up location, plan a back up date and include it on the invitation. That way, guests know up front that if the weather is poor, the date of the event will be changed.

Tip 2: Use Virtual Invitations

Instead of using money on printed invitations, stamps, and RSVPs, you can simplify your invites by sending emails and using social networking sites such as Facebook. These methods have some advantages over regular mail because, while they may not be as formal, they also allow you to send reminders. Guests can respond with a simple click and you will automatically know who is coming to the party and who cannot make it.

Tip 3: Find a Reason

There are plenty of reasons to have an outdoor party. In the fall, it’s easy to use a holiday theme such as Halloween or Thanksgiving. If the timing isn’t right for that, how about a football party celebrating your favorite team or rivalry. You could plan a family reunion or stage your own autumn Olympics. Whatever the reason, make sure your guests know what to expect. If they have something to look forward to, they are more likely to come. And they will also come prepared if they need proper attire for sporting events. None of these themes or reasons has to cost a lot of money. It is easy to find decorations at the local dollar store that will make the party really pop.

Tip 4: Seating and Storage

When you have an outdoor party, storage may be important. People will likely bring bags, keys, extra shoes or other items and they will need somewhere to place them. Consider making an outdoor storage bench available to guests. These benches are inexpensive and very handy. When it comes to seating, you want your guests to be comfortable and feel right at home. Kingsley bates has affordable options for your patio or backyard area that can become permanent fixtures in your yard. These chairs and other items can add another layer of affordable comfort to your outdoor event.

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